My new job.....Part 2

Hi all :-)

Hope everybody is ok :-)

Well I`ve done my first full shift in my new job as a support worker, I`m pleased to report it went very well....and true to their word my new employers are working round me seeing my kids.......BTW I`m seeing them on sunday this week. :-)

If I get time I`ll hopefully be able to post my usual weekend blog tomorrow whilst I`m at work........I have a blackberry so no problem, although it may be a little later as I`m working 3.30 til 10pm but I`m doing a "sleep in" at the respite house the company owns ( they actually have 3 )....extra pay for "sleep ins" :-) so I`ll blog when I`m off shift.

Take care

Andy :-)

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  • Well done and keep up the good work Andy. Don't forget to look after yourself at the same time and remember to take your meds on time regardless of 'sleep overs'.


  • I hope you have a good time at your new job. I appreciate your posts for the weekend, it's always fun to hear what everyone's doing.

  • That is awesome, Andy! So glad they kept their promise to see your kids.

    Sounds like a fun job for you. Take care :)

  • Sounds like a blessing. Glad you are happy with work. :)

  • Sounds a great job, Andy. You deserve it. They say 'as one door shuts another one opens' and this has proved to be true for you.

    Your ex employers may actually have done you a favour, but not in a very nice way!! Hope you get somewhere with getting this sorted out.

    Sue :-)

  • Well done Andy. Enjoy the job & things are looking up.

  • Great news Andy you have survived and are winning, I am thinking seriously thinking of retiring from my job as a nurse of 43yrs, but will stay on bank as a support worker for a bit of pocket money for days out hopefully, take care now.



  • So happy for you, Andy! Have fun with your kids this weekend.

  • Really glad to hear this

  • That's wonderful Andy. Sounds like you got the "silver lining". Good for you!



  • Awesome, Andy! So happy that things are looking up for you. Hope you have a terrific day with your kids on Sunday! Lots of smiley faces for you! :) :) :) :) :)

    Cheri :)

  • Well done Andy I am so pleased for you. It gives me hope to hear your story. Caz

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