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Parkinson's Related Laryngeal Dysfunction During Sleep?

Can anyone explain what Parkinson's related Laryngeal Dysfunction is? I was having problems breathing during sleep (according to my husband) & my doctor ordered a sleep study thinking it was apnea. It came back that I don't snore, very mild apnea (2 central, 2 obstructive, 2 mixed, 7 hypopneas). But, I do I the laryngeal thing & the pulmonologist who read the study said that evaluation with an ENT & close monitoring needed to be done. I have an appt with an ENT in 2 weeks, but I'm worried. BTW, I have early-onset PD, am now 47 and am on 1.5mg Mirapex 3 times daily.

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AHarris, This sounds like a question better left to the medical profession. The larynx is a complicated organ and "dysfunction" is a pretty general term. Your doctor has your medical history and has already recognised that your problem is Parkinson's related. I am not familiar with your medical system, but it sounds like you are in good hands.

Wishing you well.



I was not asking for a diagnosis, since my doctor did that already and the medical term was Parkinson's Related Laryngeal Dysfunction. When asked about it, the Dr said it was similar to what those with ALS get. I was just wanting to know if anyone else had anything similar and, if so, what I might expect.



I have young onset PD as well. I was 36 when I began medication. I am now 47. I have suffered with Laryngospasms the first time I had one I thought this is it, this is how I am going to die! I could not breath I just made this horrible sound.

My Doctor has seen me experience one, so I never had anything placed down my throat to see what was happening.

When I am low on meds is when I have the laryngospasm. I have carried around with me extra sinemet and lorazapam. The lorazapam disolves under my tongue quickly relaxing my muscles.

It is not exactly what you are experincing. I hope that you never experince an actual spasm, , looking back I wish that I had known what was happening it would have saved a lot of trips to the ER. Only to get there and to be breathing normally again. I don't mean to scare you, just inform you.

Best of luck at your appointment!


Thank you CassieB for your response. You informed me like I wanted. This is something I need to be aware of and know may happen in my future, especially with what is going on now with my breathing. If I know what might happen it won't be so terrifying as it would be if it just occurs out of the blue. I would much rather be informed than kept in the dark.


I have had Parkinsons since I was 53 and am now 64... I have experienced this and had actual spasms and all the larynx tests and sleep apnia.. I also got diagnosed a mask to sleep in but it was so uncomfortable that I have had to discard it.... The spasms are not good, but over with quickly (in my case) but have also been to A&E twice because of them... Hope you get help, but I think it is reassurance that I was given that helped me.


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