Has anyone here tried the herbal dopamine, Mucuna pruriens,and, if so, how much are you taking and how are the results?

I have asked my Park Dr. about it and while she is not informed about it she would not be adverse to my trying it as long as I have been on traditional pharmacuticals first so we would have a basis of comparison. She also said she wants me to purchase herbals and supplements from western Europe as they have more regulations on herbal/supplement/cosmetics as far as assuring the purity and dosing standards of the products.

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  • Yes I have tried it but not very satisfactorily. It was hard to gauge the dosage - I had to order the product from India.

  • can u pl tell me from where u purchased in india

  • Mucuna P. is a natural form of L-dopa.is used worldwide. There are no side effects Usually. I have been taking mucuna for about two years. It does nothing for your rigidity, for balance, but it sure does calm me inside.Another person I know who takes it, has much more success with that than I do.I don't fear it,. As I do some medications.

  • Its all i take...it makes me happier...supposed to make you feel sexier,! Havent noticed that. New neuro doesnt approve of it..says it just goes round your body and not to your brain. Looking for sympathetic neuro!

    Not certain of dosage or whether to up it thats the problem. Not recommended if you have heart problems. I get mine from amazon.

  • How much do you take and how often? Have you noticed any difference? How long have you been taking it? My neurologist gave me Sinemet my last visit , which was two weeks ago. I haven't started taking it, because I'm concerned about the side effects. Thanks.

  • If you don't feel you need sinemet yet, why not try natural remedies first? There is a also a big need for PWPs who haven't started PD meds yet to participate in research. See clinical trials.gov et al

  • I take swansons 2 capsules a day away from food. 350 mg per capsule. Someone said better not to get from us but know no other supplier. Ive taken it for a month nos and have not seen much effect at all. Maybe a bit happier. Dont feel sexier as it says you should. I am worried as side effects if heart problems. I may not be taking enough but can get no advice now my latest neuro i was given does not approve. I see another in a firtnight. He said it goes round in the body not reaching the brain. Why then has it been used as tradional trestment in india? Articles i have read are in favour as fewer side effects. They wanted me to take sinemet.

    Im trying the john coleman recovery programme for at least six months.. Someone on this site told me she improved symptoms by 35 per cent in that time and john coleman claims to be symptom free. The hardest bit of it is i think you have to give up sugar in all forms, gluten, and dairy products. Eat organic and clean and tioletries all chemical free, detox body from mercury etc! I dont know if my self discipline is up to it.,! :)

  • I'm the person who was taking the John Coleman e-class. It is a big life style change, but the Bowen Therapy and the aqua drops seemed to help me the most. I try to eat right, but I seem to have a hard time sticking to the diet. I've read a lot about the mucuna bean being used to treat PD too. My doctor wants me to start Sinemet, but I haven't yet.

    Someone gave me the name of a supplier of macuna. I'll have to look for it and i'll get back to you. Blessings.

  • I am interested in Bowen Therapy. Could you give me details of how it has helped you please. I am trying to find a reputable practitioned.

  • this sounds very similar to Dr. Terry Wahls own diet that improved her MS so much that she has given up the wheelchair. Basicly Paleo diet, very high in veggies, no dairy or gluten, non contaminated food (free range meats, deep sea fish, and organics). Her book "Minding Your Mitochondria" very interesting.

  • Thanks..v useful..it makes sense to eat neuro protective foods. I saw her video on utube .hopeful..

  • Here is the name of a good supplier for mucuna. Banyan Botanicals on Amazon.com

    Organic and US grown.

  • Us grown was not recommended by someone on this site..i dont know...

  • Someone on this site recommended it to me.They're suppose to use the whole bean, which is what is needed to make it more effective. I feel more confident using USA product. I had a post saved about the company. If I can find it I'll post it.

  • Have been using mucuna for about a year in conjunction with Amantadine. Very good results. It has no side effects. It works well with Amantadine and coconut oil. My brain function has improved as a result.... recommended 500 mgms per day. Amazon - a great source.

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