Party on!

Party on!

Went to my god-daughter's boyfriend's 30th on Saturday and had a ball.

Her mum Donna is one of my old and very good friends and I haven't seen them all for ages so it was nice to catch up with everyone. I was even tempted onto the dance floor as they had a live band playing covers of everything from the Stones to Nirvana to the Who and Blur.

Took my 11 year old daughter with me but she was (unusually) too shy to dance at all.

Came home with a car load of helium balloons and a very tired daughter and boy did it hit me on Sunday morning. Stiff, aching and shattered but didn't care as I had such a good time!

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  • Great

  • Good for you, life is for living x

  • Well done you - you look like you are having a fab time in the pic! I was at my best friends daughters 21st on Saturday and I also partied hard - in fact didn't get in till 2.45am. Definately suffered yesterday but feeling good today. Thanks for posting. Maybe parties could be the new uplifting drug for parkies lol x

  • Parkies Parties, like it!

  • Looks and sounds like it was a real blast!! :-D. Well worth the aches n pains the morning after!! LOL :-D Glad you had a good time.

  • Tis the season! I'm trying to do it all. Friday good friend came from Prague to perform. Fabulous, but my Accessaride was on time so no time to visit with her. But ride had to pick up another passenger so didn't get home until 11 in agony!! Next dad a memorial, a warm and not to be missed event for a dear friend. Then I had to get home, meet my daughter and go to my granddaughter's last school concert. Could not stand even with walker at end. So yesterday I missed my friends' birthday bash. Hope they understand. Today's granddaughter's graduation at Lincoln Center no less. Got to do it. Enjoy, everybody.

  • how about a party Andy

    celebrate ur new job



    lol JIll


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