Hiya all :-)

It`s Friday and that can only mean one thing........ITS THE WEEKEND!!! :-D

You all know by now I`ll be seeing my 3 kids tomorrow.....It was the twins, Alfie & Alyssas 8th Birthday on the 21st, I didnt see them but they did phone me up to say "Hi Daddy!" and thankyou for their presents....what they dont know is that they are getting more presents when I see them tomorrow, I saved a couple back!.....Sneaky Daddy!! LOL ;-)

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend :-)

Andy xx

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  • Congrats on your job Andy! Tony

  • Thanks Tony, I`m really looking forward t it.

  • That's great Andy. You'll get to celebrate their birthday (belated) with them. Have fun. :-). Congrats again on the job.


  • Happy Birthday to your twins Andy and nice to have you back with your usual smilleys, Have a good weekend. We are going to visit one of our sons too, and our lovely daughter in law who is recovering from hip surgeryx They live in Leeds x

  • Andy, have a fabulous weekend with your kids and the extra birthday party!! Also congratulations again on getting your new job! Hope you enjoy it.

  • Andy,

    Enjoy the weekend with your kids. Now you can really celebrate with them! God bless you all.

  • hey what is wrong with the site - i only just got this blog and i have been trying to answer another one abd the lille blue thing just keeps going riound and round

  • Hi Sha :-)

    Mine sometimes does the same, very frustrating! Anyway hope you had a good weekend :-) I had a good day with my kids on Sat and yesterday I was at work in my new job for 5 hours shadowing some of the staff. I also met a couple of the clients, it all went really well.

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