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Please can someone help me on my question below?


Hi, can someone please help me! I am on Clonazepam (Rivitrol) 1mg 3 x a day and also Benzexhol 2mg tablets twice a day! In the evening I take Amitriptyline 25mg for Insomnia. I saw my Neurologist yesterday and he added three extra called Gabapentin for pinched nerve and oesteophytes in cervical spine. The other one propranolol for Social Anxiety and Fluoxetine 20mg for depression! Now I started yesterday with the /Gabapentin 100mg 3 x per day and Propranolol 20mg 2 x per day! I felt I lot more calm, just 'sleepy' and this morning I started with the Fluoxetine plus the others I've mentioned and boy...did I feel sick!!! Extremely tired and could scarcely do a thing! Drank lots of water to get it out of my system quicker and eventually a felt much better! Couldn't do a thing but then drank lots of water and tea to try and get the fluoxetine work out my system quicker so I could feel better quicker! What I would like to know is did anyone else ever use fluoxetine and similar other drugs like mine and how did u cope with them or do you have any suggestions on these medications at all? Should I leave the fluoxetine off rather or how can u help me with this problem? Thank you very much!

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Sorry, I actually sent the wrong question! It was a previous question! So now I'm sending my NEW question!Hi, hope u can help me! My neurologist still talks about PD symptoms...but anyway my question is: I seen the neuro on Tuesday and I asked him to please prescibe 'Inderal' (propranolol) for me to try! Well he did prescribe the following:

Propranolol 20mg twice a day

Gabapentin 100mg 3 x per day for 1 week and then 300mg 3 x per day for 'nerve pain' or 'pinched nerve' in the cervical spine. Also 'bone spurs' or bone growths (osteophytes)which is causing 'slight spinal stenosis!

Clonazepan 1 mg twice a day

Fluoxetine. 20mg 1 in the morning.

Amitriptyline 10mg 1 at night and Artane (Benzexhol) 2mg 2 and a half tabs (twice a day)! Now I hope u can help me dear friend because when I took the morning tablet (Fluoxetine) I was very sick and decided not to continue with it? Can't understand all this medication but maybe u have a good reply for me as to what I should do? The first day I took the propranolol I felt a bit sleepy but calm! Now when I take all these tablets...I don't feel much different than before...a little improvement with panic and heart beat! But the shakiness...if better, then very little. I'm also not sleeping too well since I'm taking all the tablets. Please help! Would love to hear your reply regarding this!!! I forgot to mention that the neuro is sending me to a Psycologist and also Neuro Surgeon - both next week. So, thank you in advance for your reply!

Hello Babyshoes

I can tell you what happened to my soon to be ex and I with various of those meds, and what we did to sort it out.


Gabapentin for spinal injury - I started the same as you, stepping it up. Was for neck injury that has left a disc deflecting my spinal cord. Took it for 1 year, but my system got so used to it that i didn't work. Stepping it back down to zero took 3 months, as it is an addictive drug. Was chenged to co-codamol 30/500 (30 mg codeine/500 mg paracetomol) 2 tablets 4 times daily (i.e. 240 mg codeine / 4000 mg parecetomol per day). My GP didn't review this until I told him I wanted off them, after 2 1/2 years. I am now down to 3 tremodol a day, variable as needed, max 8 per day. MUCH better !!! Unfortunately, it was too late for my bowels. I had bowel cancer back in 1987 (25 yrs ago), the surgery was the one without the bag (experimental back then). What little was left has now failed, and I am up for some pretty hairy surgery later this year.

Clonazepan for the REM sleep deficiency caused by PD & the meds. Ill??? I thought I was dead after just 1 tablet, with all except 1 of the side effects in 24 hours. They went straight back to the pharmacy for disposal. Much easier to play inane computer games until I am falling off the chair because so tired.


Fluoxetine for depression left her so tired, she was often still asleep in bed when I got home from work. She's now on 1 x 100 mg Sertraline daily, and that works very well for her.

I hope this helps, but please remember that no two people have the same reactions to any one medication. And always ask your GP or Neuro guy if you feel there might be a problem.

I will add that, with my case, these drugs were prescribed before my PD diagnosis, and when they started me on sinemet, and later rophinerol, it made no difference to the way I feel or function, so they are compatible.

Good luck

Adrian Williams

Hello Adrian

Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry to hear about all your problems and yet sound a pleasant person!

It's amazing how tablets work well for one person and not for another! So just shows how we all differ with reactions to these different drugs! Really strange, but true.

Thank you for your reply! Good to hear from others! God bless you and pray that you will feel just fine!


J (babyshoes)

Is your neurologist a Parkinson's specialist because many of your symptoms can be seen if your Parkinson's is not properly medicated. Any chance of a second opinion from somebody who doesn't know your case so well? Fresh eyes might see links which creep up on people familiar with you and your case.

Thank you so much for your reply! I somehow don't think my neuro is a 'Parkinsons specialist, but quite strange, I've been to 2 other doctors and both said I don't have Parkinson's at all! The only tremor I have is in my neck! Thanks again for your advice. Love, J

I'd go to a Movement Disorder Specialist for a another opinion. You are on a lot of meds and I'm wondering if they are appropriate. Most neuros will only add one drug at a time to differentiate side effects and check how well they work BEFORE adding more drugs. Fluoxetine (Prozac) takes a few weeks before you feel any depression lifting effects. It is also dosed up after a couple of weeks.

I would check out a website called drug digest. There is a drug interaction check that is very helpful. There are 2 major types of stenosis in the c spine; central and lateral. If there is no extremity issue it is likely to be central.... could cause tremor in the neck. Physical therapy might be very helpful.

Hi Etterus,

Thank you for your reply. Will check out that website! I find it interesting to know that my cervical spine condition could cause tremor in the neck! So, you don't think it's the Anxiety causing the tremor in my neck? It feels very stiff and very strange feeling ...almost as though my neck feels too weak to carry my head...know it sounds strange but is true! I also have a "burning and cold sensation" in the cervical spine area causing lots of discomfort! Trusting it will come right!

Why do u think I am referred to a Psycologist? Thank you in advance!

J (Babyshoes)

Stenosis is a degradation process that is very likely to be also present with DDD... degenerative disc disease. There is also likely to be inflammation that will produce swelling and pain and weakness and heavy head.

Many things can cause tremors. Pain, stress, anxiety... drug interactions. The Doc probably wants the Psych for stress management.

Thank you so much Etterus! You are very helpful! Yes, the 'heavy head' so right! My neck is very hot at times, think it's the inflammation, as you said. Well, I do understand it better now! Still can't understand why I feel so sick with the medication most of the time? Any idea which tablet could be causing me to feel as if I'm 'dying'? Thanks so much Etterus.


olpilot in reply to babyshoes

Two and a half years ago, after several years of trying to get some one to listen to me, and many test that resulted in PD symptoms, with an added commet, well that doesn't aleays mean PD. They found a pretty severe cervical stenosis, c3-c6 completely closed of,no spinal fluid travel. Had a laminoplasty to open it up. Worked.I guess, but was diaignosed with PD about a year, one didn't cause the other, any many brugs tried, most did nothing, remember gabapentin according to my wife mabe me act like a doll,"Chuckie". I agree check interaction, sounds like of drugs competing for control.

babyshoes in reply to olpilot

Thank you for your reply! What exactly do u mean when u say gabapentin made u feel like a doll "chuckie"?

olpilot in reply to babyshoes

I don't know if you saw the movies with "Chuckie", but they were horror movies about this real nasty little clown doll that went around the house terrorizing a family. I guess I had a bit of a personality change, the dr wasn't all that sure but my wife was.

babyshoes in reply to olpilot

Thank you for that info! No, did not see that movie...but understand now. So this does not sound like a "good" drug at all!!!

No idea.... definitely a question for your Doc. Good luck.

babyshoes in reply to etterus

Thank you Etterus! Will check it out with my doctor then!

Hi I looked up fluoextine and the advice is do not stop taking it even if you think its not helping, this is hard to do I would imagine, but you sound as if you are on a cocktail of drugs and they may not like each other, I would advise you to get some advice asap. Hope it all goes well in the end , take care xx

Thank you so much for your reply! Will do so because I've never in my life taken so many drugs! I was actually wondering if there's one clashing or maybe even more! I hate taking tablets, if they are helping me, then it's okay but they're not really...very little! Thanks once again!

i was on gabipentin for nerve painfrom my first neurologist. Then he dignosed me with esental tremor ( wrongo) so he kept me on the gabapentin, I could feel myself declining. the last two I took remember looing at my husbandand saying "I hope I don't wake up dead in yhe morning" that's how bad they made me feel. I never took them again and changed neurologists. Sick as a dog when I took them. Felt much better off of them

Thank you...very interesting to hear this! Yes, I have also had that feeling as if I'm dying and can't do a thing at all!!! Thanks again!

Can anyone help me out on the drug 'propranorol'! Want to know if u used it and whether it helped u in anyway, also what what it prescribed for to you?

Propronalol is a beta blocker used for high blood pressure and heart disease. It can be used for tremors but is is usually indicated for heart disease. Do you have high blood pressure? Many PDP have orthostatic hypotension and this could make it worse.

Thank you for your reply! No, I don't have High blood pressure.only have tremmor in my neck and if I'm under stress it's worse!!! So it doesn't sound that this is a drug for me! :)

I was taking 1 amitriptyline tablet at night to help with sleep. Trying to cut down on tablets as I don't always sleep I decided I'd cut that out. Anyway last night I had the best night I've had for several years and slept for 6 hours! So perhaps because of all the tablets you're taking you could knock that one off! Good luck!

Yes, thank you so much for your reply! I agree about 'taking too much tablets is not good for anyone...but I am not taking the Gabapentin, flouxitine and also the Artane (benzexhol) I'm only taking 1, but still not feeling well at all! So, now I don't understand why my neuro prescribed all these tablets for me???

Sounds like a second/third opinion is in order to substantiate your diagnosis.Might be a good idea before you start this heavy drug routine. I felt much better once I heard the same diagnosis from three neurologists. It made taking all these medications much easier. IT helps to know your body and its needs. Feeling confident and knowledgeable about your body helps. Read as much as you can and see what fits for you. No two people are alike. Medications can affect all of us differently.

GOod luck on your information journey!

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