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Heading Home

This weekend is my Family Reunion in Cincinnati, Ohio! I swore last year that I would not repeat the 10 hour trip to Cincinnati for the reunion, it is just too hard for me. We can only go for a couple of days because Robert has a business to run and he just can't be away for long. So it becomes a jam packed weekend of parties, picnics. late nights, family gatherings, friend gatherings and no time for me to rest or power down so...Why am I going, you ask? My brother Carl. Carl is 59 and a year ago he was at deaths door, literally he was just waiting to die. He did not have the energy to talk, walk or even stay awake for very long. His kidneys and his heart were failing, years of disease had taken their toll. The family was notified and while we were all making plans to travel to Pennsylvania for his funeral when a heart and kidney became available, a great match from a 19 year old accident victim. Days after surgery Carl was harassing the nurses and bribing any one who walked in his room for candy bars, something he was not allowed to eat for years!,

Its been a year now and he is going to the Family Reunion. He wants everybody there! How can I say no. If he can travel all that way, I guess I can too!

Looking forward to seeing the family - everything else is just the small stuff! Don't sweat the small stuff!


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Good for you


Thats it Jane dont let it win, hope you have a great weekend



Oh yes what a wonderful story yes go for it if you can, but take care also it will be very emotional, fun and exhausting, but life is for living x


Great Jane,

Fun & prayers work

BB NJ 66


I'd give anything to be at a family reunion. We are so scattered.


Have a wonderful trip Jane. Enjoy your family while you can. :-)



You Go, Girl! Have a wonderful time!


Have a wonderful t

ime , Jane. Life is too short and goes by so fast. I long for my family and eevryone is spread out from coast to coast and from north to south! It is awesome of you to take the time.!!!


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