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"Morning Sickness"

Once or twice a week I am very sick to my stomach in the morning and I vomit. It is unpredictable...can be before I eat or after, before meds or after. It comes on pretty quickly and after I vomit a couple of times, it takes a couple of hours to feel normal again. As a rule, Cinimet makes me slighlty nauseous - but I don't understand this. Just when I think it won't happen again, I get sick and yesterday I wasn't home when it happened?

Any thoughts?

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I was getting sick on sinement every dose, at about felt like sme hit me in the stomach, after a few months it mostly went away. I was pretty carefuly about watching when I ate. Soda cracers ang ginger ale helped. Now on Requip, no nausea, but man do I sleep.

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Are you only on sinemet? Any other meds? Requip made me nauseous all day long, sinemet hardly ever. I carry crystalized ginger everywhere, helps with all kinds of nausea.


Well, count me in. I cannot keep food down lately. Have spent last two weeks with what I call spontaneous regurgitation. Had endoscopy last week which only made things worse--reaction to anesthia, I think. I've been taking Sinement and in March began entacapone also. I'm backing off on it. Take Requip in evening (.75mg) for RLS, don't think have digestive problems from that. I think this is awful. The pain starts in my chest (double over)--after ER, referred me to Gastro and now I'm in doctor hell.


I thank you for the last spontaneous wasin a restroom in Panerra, before that during a piano lesson. I am so so shy of seeing a doctor, too much trial and error and acting like they know everything, Unless he/she is respectful and a partner with me, they are not getting my business. I'm sorry for the Dr. hell.


Domperidone is the med that helps me. Before I used to be miserable with nausea and gagging many times a day. It is not covered by insurance in the US and expensive but my quality of life is soooooomuch better for it. It is approved in Europe. Here one ingredient is waiting for FDA approval and so I have custom made capsules made for me at a rate of $70 per month. Prescribed by my gastroenterologist and approved by my neurologist. Good luck.

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