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Thumbs up for support socks!

Hi All,

I'm visiting my mum in Cambridge for a couple of days and thought i'd update everyone on my 'poor, swollen legs'. I got my support socks which i wasn't looking forward to wearing. WRONG. They're actually not bad, pretty un-obtrusive and REALLY comfortable. I've got my feet up, laptop on and am about to surf before bed.

And by the way, my hand is also healing well after I used some more steri-strips (as recommended by my GP).

I've been thinking about the fall that caused the hand injury and although I thought my foot had caught on one of the logs on the ground, i remember having the very odd sensation that i couldn't lift my foot (both times i fell). I remember being aware that I couldn't lift my right foot and feeling confused as to why. I am now wondering if this wasn't a simple trip over a log but an episode of freezing?

Anyway, off to bed with a good book, nighty night.

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Glad you are having succcess with the support hose. I got fitted a couple weeks ago and after having hubby and I struggle to get them on (even with an assistive device) I couldn't stand them. They were just to tight behind my knees and the top of my thigh.

Yes, that could have been an episode of freezing. Now that you are aware of the feeling you may be able to avoid some of the falls. I find if I can stop and rebalance (not always easy or successful) I can avoid the fall. :-)



Have to agree with you on this, Terri, I have to be a contortionist to get them on. There is no way I could put them on first thing in the day, either, and the funny bit of nylon that came with them that is supposed to help is no use either. Having said that, once they are on they help. If I manage to get them on right with no wrinkles, and early enough in the day.


Hi Terri,

Thanks for the advice regarding freezing, it was certainly a very odd sensation!

As for the support socks, I guess I have a different kind to the ones you have. Mine are the 'lightest' version, have you tried different kinds? You may find a different sort suit you better. They're definately worth wearing!


I feel the same thing when I fall but everyone else says I slipped or tripped over something, even when there is nothing there.


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