follow up to DBS

It has been almost 3 months since I was "turned on" The difference is incredible. As my 5 year old granddaughter days - Mimi - "you are magical"

On the other hand my 6 year old granddaughter asked me "how is your brain surgery going?" it tok me awhile to figure out that she though I had elected to have my head shaved and have really short hair - the I must need more brain surgery. Out of the mouth of babes.Thank goodness…


I have been turned on at long last

It is hard to believe that now I can actually walk fast

The before and after show what modern medicine can do

I just wish that all PD patients could have my experience too

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a couple of months that were very tough

But I’d elect to go through DBS again – to be where I am now is enough.

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  • Great news all the very best to you and start enjoying life x

  • Befor DBS did you have to take many combinations of drugs....and how long have you had PD......I heard that you have to take all the drugs that you possibly can, and when they no longer are beneficial enough ...then and only then you can be a candidate for DBS.....Is this true, or does that depend on an individuals health insurance.

  • 15 years and i did not take lots of drugs ..... Am small and little meds goes a long way.. But had taken for long time and was beginning to have side effects

  • Your testimony comes at the perfect time for me. Thank you

  • I too had DBS. Isn't it a wonder!!! I am so glad it is working well for you!!!!!

    Keep on keeping on and really enjoy life and your grandchildren.

  • Is there an upper age limit for having DBS?

  • Have heard 70. But not sure

  • It depends on the person and their state of mental and physical health. I'm 77 and scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Wish me luck

  • That's good to hear! I'm 71 and don't need it yet, so I thought there was no chance. I have a friend who had it more than 5 years ago, she's still on only one one tablet and doing fine, but was under 60 when she had the op..

    All the best for tomorrow!! Keep us informed when you can. By the way where will you have the operation?

  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

  • Ah! it might be different in the UK, I hope it goes well for you

  • Thank you; age shouldn't matter, as long you are healthy. Best to you too

  • Hi Fifteen years PD!! So happy for you!! i have a question too. My husband's doctor keeps telling him to get the DBS. He is afraid to get it though. He would like to know what meds you are on now and what were your meds before the DBS? Thank you and God Bless you! Have wonderful now with your renewed life!!!


  • your husband should have DBS if his doctor is recommending it. I would do it again. EVERYONE is astonished when they see me

    I am taking the same amt of medicine that I was taking before - the doctors are intentionly not changing meds at tis point - they may later- programing adjustments take even though immediate results are mind boggling - no pun intended.

    meds - .5 Azilect 1 x day; 20 mg carbidopa / levodopa - 5 mg 4 x day and 16 mg ropinirole - 4 mg 4 x a day. so not a whole lot but I was starting to have bad effects from them

  • Meant to say, Have a wonderful DAY now with your renewed life!!

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