Parkinson's Movement

follow up to DBS

It has been almost 3 months since I was "turned on" The difference is incredible. As my 5 year old granddaughter days - Mimi - "you are magical"

On the other hand my 6 year old granddaughter asked me "how is your brain surgery going?" it tok me awhile to figure out that she though I had elected to have my head shaved and have really short hair - the I must need more brain surgery. Out of the mouth of babes.

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I told my beautiful granddaughter, Olivia that I will write about her on the blog she said "tell them "how beautiful I am"! Of course she was only kidding! Because she has the warmest disposition and just her visit alone cheers me to no end !Yes, granddaughters are indeed the best medicine.( I love you Olivia!) like I do do do!


My great-grand daughter will be 4 in September. She was very concerned about my scar after DBS, she has to feel my hair. Did anyone have their hair come back a different color?? Im so dark with gray and used to be blonde. This is my Mothers color, but it so soft, So now when I see Kinzie she says let me see you head. My husband is older than me so that is why the great grand-daughter at my age of 55 yrs young LOL


Mine came back as white as it was before .... I had hoped it would come back dark but alas.


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