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Does anyone else find that if they are busy on a good day

I always try and do as much as I can on my good days but recently have nearly always found that I have a couple of off days to follow. My meds are not working well at the moment and on the advice of my nurse I have been experimenting with length of time between meds, taking them at shorter and then longer intervals, but nothing seems to make any difference. I can never be sure they will work.

I now look as if I have an overactive thyroid, the symptoms of this appear to be similar to those of Parkinsons, including a tremor. I was wondering whether anyone else has a thyroid problem in addition to Parkinsons? And, if so, whether they have found this affected their original Parkinsons symptoms.

One of the symptoms of an overactive thyroid is weight loss. If only!!

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I was diagnosed with HYPOthyroidism in 2002 and have taken Synthroid, & then its generic Levothyroxin, ever since. I started taking Sinemet in 2006 upon PD dx. I had beginning symptoms of PD in 2002, including tremor unsteady gait, and cognitive deficiencies. I never would have thought all these things were symptoms of the same medical condition.

I don't know if hypothyroidism slowed down the development of my tremor, but within 2 yrs after starting on Synthroid my tremor had become debilitating. When I started on Sinemet, I noticed improvement in my tremor & handwriting.

I'm thinking an overactive thyroid would be even more apt to produce or increase tremor than an underactive thyroid is apt to diminish tremor. Have you been put on thyroid medication? If so, could that be affecting your other medications? What does your nurse say about it? I Have you talked to your dr. about it yet? It will be telling to see if treating your overactive thyroid reduces your tremor.


No not on any medication for thyroid yet. My GP told me to phone nurse as she and Consultant were having a discussion on my meds. Nurse left me a message, as I was away, to say she would be in touch next week. Looks as if I will have to take meds eventually though. Will keep you posted, though my tremor does seem worse at the moment.


We all do the same have a good day and over do it.

I keep a list of things I want to do, and if I am feeling well will do the harder jobs that day. If feeling worse will do the simpler jobs, in that way most household tasks eventually get done.


I had an overactive thyroid 30 years ago when I was in my thirties. I developed a tremor and I lost weight. I was put on 8 tablets a day an then reduced them over a couple of years,came off the tablets for 3 months went for a scan at Lister Hospital and was ok .Then in my late fifties I developed a goitre which I had removed. It was after I had the goitre removed that i became slow in movement so I automatically thought that too much of my thyroid had had been taken away and I now had an underactive thyroid..I went to see a thyroid specialist and had all the tests done . He asked me what my writing was like and I said it was terrible,very small. He then diagnosed that I had Parkinsons disease.

I think you should have a blood test and that should determine whether you have a thyroid problem.

Good luck your diagnosis!


I had a number of blood tests. One of which was for thyroid and this is how the diagnosis was made. Just waiting to hear from my nurse before a decision is made about tablets.


In the 90's a node was found on my thyroid and I was told to monitor. In 2001 it started to hurt a little so had it out. Turned out to be t. cancer and had thyroidectomy. Taking levoxyl. Next year I developed parkinson's symptoms. My neuro says low thyroid level exacerbates PD symptoms.


They killed my thyroid I was hyperactive, now Iam hypo active, I take a pill eceryday. My thyroid problem came about two years before I was dx with PK. Going on 6years with PK?


YEs. When I have a good day I get a lot of thing accomplished it feels great! However, the next day is usually spent on the sofa watching TCM. But it was worth it. IT feels good to participate in life if only for a day. Keep going!


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