To fall asleep when you do not want

I have some time falling asleep when I don't really want it. It has been on the job and there during some meetings. it has not been that I slept deeply, but after a few seconds, I woke up, usually because of that I lost something I held in my hand. I've also been really close to falling asleep when I was out driving my car. I have tried to read if it's my medication that gives me this tired or if it is about my PD. Is there anyone who recognize themselves in these symptoms. Perhaps it is so simple that it is more boring meetings now at my job, but unfortunately I think that it is not so simple

I have had my PD for almost five years.

Mr Day

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  • like you I have said say something important and I'll stay awake! but I find when I am sitting still either in a chair or driving is when the sleepies come on. when I drive I take rest stops every hour and drink the 5 hour chargers drinks but usually it takes about an hour and i get over the sleepies

  • When I was taking Mirapex ER, I fell asleep all the time. I'd be talking to someone, eating,or just doing any normal activity and I would just dose off I

    stopped taking the Mirapex ER and switched to regular Mirapex and it helped. Maybe it's your meds.

  • I also have the "sudden sleep" problem, but am fully retired so it hurts no-one.

    Currently taking Ropinirole. The best answer I can think of is a good big cup of strong, hot Norwegian coffee. Just don't hold it over your lap and fall asleep.

  • I also drift off to sleep while doing things during the day. Sometimes don't even know I fell asleep until I wake up. Sometimes just lose the ability to stay awake. It's dangerous since you can fall over from wherever you are. My husband walks me to bed if he's around.

    I struggled with this sleeping disorder for about 10 yrs. One reason I had to give up driving is that I was nodding off at the wheel. I would stop in parking lots or rest areas & sleep for about 20 min.& be refreshed enough to move on. Soon realized I could nod off & not wake in time to avoid a tragedy. Haven't driven since.

    Fortunately, I'm now more awake & energetic & rarely drift off to sleep during the day. It appears to be the result of taking Trazodone for sleep at night on a consistent schedule & sleeping well at night. Still not driving for other reasons including poor depth perception & slow reaction time.

    There is another question, made by"ftadh" related to this topic. I answered this question too - in more detail. The question is about whether PD medication could cause one to be tired all the time You may want to check those answers out.

  • I am taking requip three times a day, I fall asleep while watching tv, or doing other boring activities, I just turned 60 and was diaignosed with PD just under a year ago. I think it's the Requip for the most part, but added to the other fatigue from PD, it is a trying time. My wife will no longer let me drive much alone, she has more sense than I do, she's right. One suggestion I saw was to talk to your Dr. about driving and if he thinks its ok has him note it in your records. If you are involved in an accident and the discover you have PD it could be very expensive.

  • Both PD itself and a lot of the meds can cause sudden sleep. My med is one of the worst, Mirapex, so I counter the sleepies with good old caffeine -- but in pill form, like the truck drivers use. "Jet Alert" is the brand, and I get it at Walmart.

  • Tremors?

  • Slight tremor in left arm -- or were asking about the caffeine?

  • In combination. Does the caffeine make your tremor worse?

  • No, I have not noticed my tremor being affected by caffeine intake.

  • Good news! Thanks for responding.

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