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Can you keep Group 2 entitlement with non progressive Parkinson's symptoms?

Hi, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in March this year, having had a slight tremor in my right hand since March 2011, which has remained stable ever since, my chief worry is that I am currently working as a bus driver, a job which I love and adore, I'm driving with no problems whatsoever - my concentration, grip, co-ordination, reflexes, reactions are all still A1 completely unaffected, feel 100% totally safe and in control - but had to declare myself to the DVLA at the earliest opportunity, I received a medical questionnaire which i duly filled in and sent back ASAP and the last letter I received from them was on May 1st, saying that the info I gave them has been passed on to the Medical Advisor to assess and that I should receive a result in 6 weeks, well it's not long to go now and I am getting more and more apprehensive, despite carrying on as normal, even if I have to pass a medical and get a short period licence I will still be happy, OK, we all know the laws the law, and you have to be safe in this line of work, but I know myself that I am, and if I had to give my job up it would break my heart as I love the firm which I work for, have there been cases where some Parkinson's patients have kept their Group 2 entitlement?

I read on the DVLA that if condition is non-progressive and driving is not impaired, then you can be considered subject to a satisfactory report and an annual review.

Any help at this worrying time would be most gratefully received - I am dreading the envelope falling on my mat!

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My personal experience (we all differ):

I was doing alright teaching. Went on the meds, got worse. 1 year after being told I had PD I KNEW I needed to quit...summer couldn't come fast enough.

3 1/2 years later I had PT and received a lot of help. I went to a new dr. who took me off all meds and later put on different meds. I am doing so much better. I am better, 3 yrs later, than I was the first 3 years.

Yes, Parkinson's is progressive, but with a good diet and exercise it can (doesn't mean it always will be) progress very slowly.

Hope this is helpful. :)


I was issued with a three year licence which will be renewed if I am still ok (fingers crossed). I was told I could only drive a car now, no vans or lorries etc. I don't mean to worry you further but that is the truth.

Have you told them that your living depends on it, perhaps that will make a difference to their decision.

I really hope you get the licence you need to carry on working.



Hi carolineb211, no I didn't tell them that, only in my original letter to them that I still felt totally safe as before and that my concentration and co-ordination are still as sharp as ever before and that was and is the truth, is it still possible to tell them at this late juncture, please can you get back to me asap, all best wishes and thanks.


oh, forgot to mention, it says for Group 2 licence holders regarding Parkinson's that " licence revoked or refused if condition is progressive and/or disabling; however, if condition is stable (mine hasn't altered since March 2011) and driving isn't impaired, then can be considered for licencing, subject to satisfactory report and annual review - and as my neuro says I have no motor symptoms, I am hoping for the best.


hi vinylbod

i gave up driving afte r crashing my car - the car was a writ e offbut i was ok

bu ti had not got dxd then wiht PSP tha twas 6 mmonthw later

so i do hope u r ok hwen you need your driver s licenc efor work

lol JIll



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