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Has anyone tried Aquas therapy?


I have watched John Coleman's video and interview (have the book but haven't had the time yet to read in it's entirety). I am curious if anyone has tried the Aquas therapy sold through parkinsonsrecovery.com and what your experience has been. My husband was diagnosed 4 years ago. He has tremors on the left side which is being helped by tremor med and equipxl. I am trying to finds ways to slow down the progression. We exercise regularly and I am trying to change the way we eat and rid ourselves of toxins etc. Any recommendations?

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I'm taking John Coleman's e-class right now. I've gotten a lot of good information,but it moves sort of slow. I think you can find most of the same information from the book. I'm taking the Aqua drops and have been doing the Bowen therapy too. We just finished the classes on nutrition, so I haven't really started it yet. It's really a life style change. Because I'm taking the class I can e-mail him a question if I have one. If you ever need a question about his program answered let me know and I'll send it to him. You can send me a message on this sight. I'd say I've seen about a15-20 percent improvement in my pain mostly. Hope this helps. Blessings.

DGrif in reply to maryalice

Thank you. We appreciate your offer

tlongmire in reply to maryalice

This is very interesting. I went to the sights that DGrif suggested and John Coleman said people with Parkinsons should take a drop in the morning and evening and that further dilution may be necessary if you have side effects. How many drops are you taking and have you had any side effects?

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I take one drop in the morning and one at night. I've been taking them for about a month and I haven't experienced any side effects at all.

I am unfamiliar with this. Can you give us a link to check it out?

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Try this link


DGrif in reply to DGrif

Also this one


wifeofparky in reply to DGrif

Thanks. I will.

Google John Coleman Parkinson's Disease. These a lot of sites about him.

YES I have an aqua therapist who works with me once a week. IT IS WONDERFUL!

SHe stretches me, which is a great help and works on cardio and strengthing activities. At the end of the session she does WAT-SU (dont know the correct spelling) and I am so relaxed. I feel as if the PD is gone, for twenty mins. any way. I reccomend any exercise...as long as we keep moving we can fight the urges of this disaese to take control of our muscles. Working out in the water takes away the ponding on our joints. I exercise on land also, walking. stretching, and cardio. Very nice of you to enquire for your loved one. KEEP MOVING!

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