Marijuana for Parkinson's Disease

Marijuana for Parkinson's Disease

Has anyone else with Parkinson's found relief by using cannabis? I have researched this completely and found other people with this disease and other illnesses are finding success. I have Parkinson's and found some relief from my muscle cramps by using it and I get better sleep too! I feel more relaxed and my tremors calm down. I would like to hear from you. I understand it is a controversial subject as am a retired law enforcement officer living in a state that does not have medicinal cannabis regulation.


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  • It amazes me that this herb is illegal because of its potential as a treatment for Parkinsons. I wish that the politicians of the world would stop with the denial and vote to decriminalize it.

  • II am trying in Wisconsin. I am a member of NORML and LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, plus as a PD patient I try to tell other people to give it a try. Someday maybe it will get approved in my State. 17 States have approved it and two more soon will be added. It's only a matter of time.

  • The DEA make billions by keeping marijuana illegal.

  • But they could make billions more by taxing and regulating it

  • You are a amazing man... i just sign in here to tell u this....hope more people could think like u.... congratulations for using the cannabis without prejudice and for help to legalize it... i´m from brazil and we are also fighting here, trying to show people how can medicinal cannabis can help people to have a better live.... Blessed be :)

  • there probably would be less people getting killed, because of it's illegality.

    i sure would like some relief from this dreaded disease. if the politicians would stop telling everybody how to live. and get out of our lives and let us have some relief. . what gives them the right to tell us what we can and cannot do. ? take your own inventories. .

  • The violence comes from drug traffickers fighting for control of a territory. Violence decreases for a short time when a new king pin takes control then cycles again and again. Make it legal and they lose there way of making a living.

  • A big no no over hear , but I am open for anything that gives relief but what does one do ?

  • Our elected officials seem to care more about our Right to carry guns than they do about a persons Right to medicate ones self. Guns ARE dangerous.


  • Do you really think a Republican is more likely to want to legalize marijuana than a Democrat? Any excuse for some.

  • We need a federal law passed allowing the use of medical marijuana. I'll vote for whichever party gets it passed. It will help me, I will help them. It's that simple...

  • I'm hearing more about taking hemp oil that is legal everywhere. It doesn't have the THC in it.

  • Does it have any effects on depression and anxiety?


  • Yes from my personal experience it helps with both and both are side effects of our disease and FDA approved medications. Once I started medicating myself with cannabis (only once or twice a week) I was able to stop all my medications except Levodopa.

  • Have you found that Sativa or Indica is more helpful? Or a blend? Thx.

  • It has helped me with insomnia, cramping, and depression...the least amount with depression. Problem here it has been legal for 2 years only not available until just recently mostly due to our idiot governor and her minions... I understand that there are now several dispensaries open in Phoenix and permits applied for in other parts of the state. It also sounds prohibitively expensive here - again thx to the idiot politicians.



  • I wish I could send you one Billy............ but can't go against the law..stupid law that is..............

  • It's legal here in California ,with a government totally made up of Democrats. We have vans roaming around to deliver it to our door, like ordering a pizza.. The fellow delivering it can recommend what you want for your type of illness, and gives samples of lollypops and candy.

    You do have to have a medical marijuana card which you get by going to a special doctor's office and he talked to my husband like skyping ,from another office.

  • Do you have to be a resident of California to get the pot pops? If a doctor wrote a prescription from another state and you mailed it to a pharmacy in California, would you be able to get them? Do you know how I can find out what states it is legal in? Thanks

  • Thanks.

  • I have sarcoid as well as PD and the Sarcoid affects my lungs, so I would not be able to smoke it. The lollypops come from California??

    What do I need to do to attempt to get SC to legalize it for medicinal purposes? I have severe cramping in my legs and feet as well as a sleeping issues and other related problems.

  • I'm in SC too. If you find out a way to get the lolly pops, please let me know.

  • I will if I can find a way!! Are you in Chas?

    I want to find out what I need to do to become an advocate for legalization for medicinal purposes and not just for AIDS & cancer pt.

  • Thanks. Is it legal for other illnesses ? I'll be an advocate with you.

  • My husband uses a varpor pen with the marijuana oil in it. I would think it would affect your lungs differently than regular smoke.

  • just want to told u congratulations for choose this to help u.... i feel so happy when the people say that it´s helps to have a better live....we are on the right way...we can not alow the people who need medicinal cannabis get this from the dealers...

    people need to say how this can really helps againt the researchs purchased by government.... blessed be you Jaynie

  • Hi. My mom has been suffering parkinson's disease for 10 years. she takes stalevo 6 times a day to control the movemennts, but the "good effects" of meds seems to be less each time, the involuntary movements have been increasing and she only sleeps 3 or 4 hous per day!!

    I have heard from people and TED conferences about the beneffits of cannabis for PD, and the results seems to be really good. Do you know about any research she can read to get some interest in trying cannabis??

    She is 63 years old, and had never used cannabis, so I will appreciate if you can share with me your personal experience using cannabis and how do you use it.


  • The vapor pen takes only a one or two puffs to get the benefits. My husband has never smoked, and this is easy to do.

  • If marijuana were legal I would use it. I have used it ,on occasion, and found that not only does it help with the Parkinson's but also with my anxiety and my neuromuscular disease. It is an expensive relief to buy off the streets and is too rich for my pocketbook. Lets hope, sometime soon, the government realizes the potential of marijuana far outweighs any harm it might do!

    In the meantime, "Don't bogart that joint"...

  • The government has realized its potential so much so they have a patent on cannabis (2002) and instead of the government changing the laws so we could grow and use it, they made a synthetic THC called Marinol. That way they make all the money on it AND, Marinol has more side effects!

  • I too live in a state that it is illegal....I also have always been totally against using school my friends teased me called me chicken shit but I always stood my grounds...never smoked pot or anything illegal...but beer....hell yes..any way I smoke it ever chance I get....I will only smoke cost me 450 an oz but last me for a while....not allowed to smoke it in my home or around the wife she is totoally against it...she just doesnt want to ssee me get locked lock me up and let the state buy my fricken medical bills WHEN I SMOKE I TALK BETTER...DONT FALL AS MUCH..FEEL BETTER SLEEP LIKE AN ANGEL..OR I CAN GET DRUNK..OR TAKE MY PAIN PILLS...AND ATIVAN....RATHER SMOKE A JOINT GOD WILL HELPS US SOON,,,,IF NOT I KEEP PRAYING AND ASKIN FOR FORGIVENESS FOR SMOKING ILLEGALLY...GLAD WE HAVE A FORGIVING GOD.....HOPE I AM NOT BEING A HIPPOCRATES

  • As an ex cop I understand completely how you feel. Be careful.

  • I have never tried weed; but like you, may need it someday; & pray the good Lord watches over you. Will be following here, with interest in research and personal experience from you kind souls that are sharing so freely. From Coastal NC, Peace.

  • If I could get some relief from my pain and cramping and insomnia, I would use whatever it took!! Are there places where it is legal for medical purposes? Please let me know where!!!

  • california is legal..............for medical purposes

  • Unfortunately I live on the opposite coast!! Any place else?

  • Legal in CT. My neuro wouldn't perscribe it, said I needed to go to a pain management doctor.

  • Look up doctors prescribing it on the internet. We went to a specific office set up for it here in CA,

    and got the legal marijuana card that you have to show to the dispensaries.

  • whoa!

  • 17 States have approved it for medicinal use. Check out NORML web site for list, and 12 pending.

  • which website is that?



  • hard to plant lollypops.............. I do not want to ever smoke it, makes me couugh etc. but eat it...................Ya ya ya !!!

  • Anyone that does this can face criminal charges even for seeds. Federal charges if you go across state lines. Don't risk getting mail.

  • don't have seeds............only legal candy and lollypops................

  • thanks jaynie

  • I too am interested in the use of Pot for my Parkinson's - I have enquired on another forun and got no response; it seems people don't even want to discuss it here in the UK due I presume to it's criminalisation status (I think it is still illegal to possess even a small amount for your own personal use!).

    I am interested in using it in cooking or other non-inhaled forms for both Arthritis and PD - I gave up smoking (which along with alcohol I believe is more harmful) over 20 yrs ago, and don't want to start again!

    I am in my mid 60's so not your average 'pot-head' :-)

    Sasha - please add me to your list!

  • A vaporizer works well too with no cancer causing chemicals.

  • Is it a special kind of vaporizer? Do you put regular pot in it?

  • Most smoking vaporizers will work fine.

  • Thanks. Do you know anything about the pot lolly pops that Jaynie mentioned or the pot pill that was mentioned in this post? Thanks.

  • can we vape w CBD oil and get relief, oh geez, these posts are 5 years old. is anyone still talking about this stuff? LoL @maryalice @jaynie @parkinsonshelp ? I guess I'm OLD SCHOOL..out of touch w time!

  • CBD oil - THC free : anyone have results to share?

  • i will gladly uf i can get some

  • I grew up in a era and environment that makes me scared about using pot at any level. I tried it when I was in high school and had a bad experience. It is as good as you guys say it is? Does anyone know if it is legal in Florida?

  • It did not pass the Senate and House in April 2012 so it will not go to the voters. Keep trying and join NORML or LEAP and become an advocate.

  • It may help with some symptoms but like any other meds it does have adverse side effects. 300 known carcinigens plus the consequences of sucking smoke into your lungs...asthma, emphysema, COPD. Don't kid yourselves People, it's just as dangerous as smoking tobacco. As for me, although I love the stuff, I think it's what caused my Parkinsons.

  • if you get it legally you do NOt smoke it, you EAT it.....I have mine in lollypops.......

  • Please answer my question about the lolly pops above if you can.

    It's the 15th post from the top. Thanks.

  • Research shows no case of cancer recorded from any cannabis user and if you still don't trust research, use a vaporizer. Cannabis is brought close to boiling point to vapor THC. The herb does not burn. Also, no recorded death EVER from cannabis use alone. Research and you will find these results.

  • when it's finally legal and people can be honest in the doctors office, we will get a clearer picture of the consequences of sucking marijuana smoke into your lungs every day, although common sense would tell you that the tar that lines the inside of your pipe or bong is doing the same thing to your esophogas and lungs. or maybe its the constant cough and hacking up black loogies might tip you off.

  • It absatively, posilutely should be legal! ... legal, legal, legal LEGAL! That's what I say! Who am I? .......... Who am I? ... Wait, wait, don't tell me. .......... Oh yeah! I'm just a guy with PD expressing an opinion, got it! If ya get some pot, ya see, ya get less pain. But if you make it a pain to get it. Ya get MORE pain .... Get it?... Got it? ... Good! Now legalize it so I can tell those cops at my door to GO AWAY! (incessant giggling)

  • bravo Michael................ I so agree..................

  • jk

  • Hey! those are my initials! What duya know about me? All kidding aside this topic has been boiling for 40+ years. Wish they would get tired and just let it be. Medical cannabis is legal in my state after a long application form to be filled out by the patient, the primary MD and a pain management specialist. I applied and qualified. There is a very serious community working to create plants which address the symptoms w/o causing that mind altering status. I am leading their cheering squad, having no interest in lying around staring at the patterns in my coffee. I have good results with the medibles (edible forms) in regards to my pain. The problem for me is testing each type for strength or whatever for my response. I would like to create a retreat facility where one can spend a week or so testing...tasting and testing, supervised by experience researchers and users. Any takers?

  • and my initials also............!!!!!

  • I've tried it and it does help the tremors and anxiety but unfortunately it is still illegal here in Ohio so I drink lots of beer instead - but if they make it legal, I would definately do it often.

  • We are legal in Colorado with a red card. With the 1 or 2 puffs of a good

    indica strain my tremor can be be completely knocked out of the ball park.

    The evening is good because I'll be staying home and can go to sleep if need be. We are fortunate to have this available and legal in Colorado!

  • Living in California Bay Area has the benefit of legal medical usage---- but the feds are still on a rampage here - It is a plant! so silly- I have been fighting PD for 8 years now- and finally got my card to be able to use it- it helps me sleep- which as been a horrible problem- also relaxes tremors/muscles- pain issues/ depression/ anxiety and generally keeps me calm when the going gets rough with my PD symptoms- I think it is a great help for symptoms and relief- as with all things use in moderation ---plain common sense : should be legal for people with serious illnesses- Cancer patients use for pain and appetite problems....

  • tobacco is also just a plant. helps people relax. heroine and cocaine also just plants.

  • Yes- I guess I was simplistic in saying it is just a plant- but in terms of its production in comparison to cocaine and heroin-there is quite a difference. Government studies have shown that it is not possible to overdose and die from marijuana- it's use as a medicine has been verified - whereas both cocaine and heroin have been scientifically linked to addiction and death- overdosing on alcohol can cause death- Vodka is made from potatoes and beets, molasses, grains-overuse causing alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver.. the nicotine in tobacco (plant) has more in common with cocaine than cocaine has to cannabis- the argument that marijuana is a plant classified just like" hard drugs" is history at this point. Again common sense is all- anything that mankind can misuse to harm is possible- that seems to be the nature of mankind-people can get high on whipped cream bottles- Sugar is toxic-As for what causes Parkinson's- there are many different theories-- genetic/ viral/ toxins in environment/ injury to brain by trauma-I have never seen any scientific study to link cannabis causing Parkinson's Disease.

  • Hi Cindi!

    My mum has had PD for almost 10 years now. I have been trying to convince her to try Majiruana to see if it would help. She is only afraid the effect it have due to the interactions with other medication. May I ask you if you use Marijuana while using Stalevo as well?

    Thank you so much ?

  • Medical Marijuana should be legalized in all our states. How do we go about it?????

  • write write write to you state representives etc,,,,,,,

    keep on them, maybe someday America will awaken and realize it can be beneficial to t hose in MEDICAL need........

  • It's not legal in VA, and probably won't be in my lifetime, although people can take opiates, drink as much alcohol as they want, and smoke anything else.

    There are vaporizors available now, easily obtained. One inhales the vapor of the MJ, but it is not smoke--much safer on one's lungs. I am amazed at this political nightmare and have discussed with doc, who says "Great. Use it, but I cannot prescribe it." I'll join the bandwagon, if we can get a movement started. Thanks for getting the conversation started.

  • I live in South Carolina and have a friend who is riddled with cancer. At MUSC in Charleston, they prescribed her marijuana in a pill. I don't know if it's as effective, but you might check with your doctors.

  • I'm interested in finding out more about the pill you mentioned. Do you know the name of it? Thanks.

  • Boohoo just typed several paragraphs of brilliance and forgot to SAVE. I'll try later(got an apt now) to repeat the stuff that might be helpful and you will have to create the rest.

  • So, if I can recall my brilliance..... The medicinal use is legal in my state, you only have to jump though a few hoops have a primary and a pain management MD. the state publishes a list of approved pharmacies. my brilliance had to do with developing a retreat facility, along the lines of sober retreats (whatever the language is) where patients could spend x number of days. The facility would have a staff who are knowlegable about usage and potency. This all comes from my struggle to identify the forms that I can use with symptom relief w/o the psychotropic characteristics. I am not interested in getting high only want pain and other symptoms to leave me the f... alone. I know, i know, not the expected language from a woman in her 70's but I am so tired of pain and fatigue. Now I', just tired, good night all, we will likely continue to continue. gran5-

  • I'm not sure where I have rejoined this conversation, wasn't quite ready to read 60+ comments! I am the PWPD who wants to create a retreat facility for medical cannabis. Then those who have knowledge and experience could guide those new to the treatment .... faint hope, that. I continue to have good results with a limited list of edible products. There are times when I have to go back to the start, but I find it worth it. I will stop here to find out if there is still interest in this discussion, or whether I am, for now, talking to myself.

    I wish us all health and a lessinging of symptoms. (I know it is not a real word)

  • I think your idea of a retreat is great for all aspects of PD management including pot. It would probably entail 2-3 weeks at least.

  • Do you suppose there might be an agency or organization who would take us seriously??

  • I have a family member who has tried some pills containing marijuana from CA with a rx card to sleep at night. He began sleeping through the night immediately, but needs something for the day to help with tremors. Is there a specific part of the plant that would be helpful for the tremors but be less likely to make him sleepy and/or dizzy? He would never smoke it or use a vaporizer. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  • I am lucky, A friend makes it and it is legal here in the golden state, Marijuana oil. If you live in the bible-belt and have PD, Move. The less intelligent states will unlikely legalize medical marijuana and sufferers of PD will live in quiet desperation.

  • Hi. My mom has been suffering parkinson's disease for 10 years. she takes stalevo 6 times a day to control the movemennts, but the "good effects" of meds seems to be less each time, the involuntary movements have been increasing and she only sleeps 3 or 4 hous per day!!

    I have heard from people and TED conferences about the beneffits of cannabis for PD, and the results seems to be really good. Do you know about any research she can read to get some interest in trying cannabis??

    She is 63 years old, and had never used cannabis, so I will appreciate if you can share with me your personal experience using cannabis and how do you use it.


  • Google Marijuana Parkinson's…lots of information


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Forget what you think you know. Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida for more than two decades, for some people.

    "The state of Florida has allowed medical marijuana on a limited basis since 1991," said Chris Ralph, the legal administrator with Health Law Services in Jacksonville.

    Ralph's firm specializes in medical necessity cases. He says his firm has close to a hundred patients that have established medical necessity.

    "As we reach out to law enforcement officials, most of them are surprised that this law even exists," Ralph said.

    In 1991, the Florida First District Court of Appeals established what could be the first doctrine in the country to allow medical marijuana. But you've likely never heard of it. The case was Jenks vs the state of Florida. Kenneth and Barbara Jenks were suffering from AIDS and treating their disease with cannabis. They were later charged with growing the illegal drug.

    The court ruled that patients suffering from debilitating diseases have the right to consume, possess and cultivate marijuana, provided they can establish they have a legal medical necessity. It defined medical necessity as the lesser of two evils. If there isn't a safer alternative and if the evil they're trying to avoid is more heinous than the use of marijuana, then they're legally allowed to use it.

    "Anyone who is taking a medication that can cause death has an absolute defense from any prosecution because they are using the least harmful alternative to treat their conditions," said Ralph.

    In other words, if a doctor has diagnosed you with a debilitating condition and the only treatments available for that condition can cause more harm than marijuana, then by law you can claim medical necessity.

    You may remember earlier in May, when WINK News introduced you to Bob and Cathy Jordan of Manatee County. Cathy was diagnosed with ALS in 1983 and given three to five years to live. More than 20 years later, the Jordan's say cannabis is the only thing keeping Cathy alive.

    But in February of last year, Manatee County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Bob for growing cannabis. The state declined to prosecute because the Jordan's had established a medical necessity defense.

    All of this begs the question, if medical marijuana is already legal, why are you being asked to vote for it?

    Ben Pollara, the Campaign Manager for United for Care, the organization behind the constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana says, "amendment 2 is absolutely necessary. A sick and suffering patient should not have to prove, post-arrest their medical necessity. They should be able to follow the recommendations of their physician without having to worry about arrest and loss of personal property."

    "Really, the only thing holding a person back now is's not knowing that the law exists," Ralph said.

    Something interesting we discovered during our investigation. By now you've heard of Colorado's recreational marijuana market. But before that law went into effect, the state had a booming medical marijuana industry. That industry wasn't approved by voters or lawmakers, instead it was a 2009 court case, very similar to the one in Florida, that legalized medical marijuana in that state. - See more at:


  • My husband with Parkinson's has been on legal marijuana for about a month. It helps stop tremors, relaxes him, and he sleeps better.

  • Making Cannabis oil. I haven't tried this, but will.

    making your own cannabis oil

    rae ann anderson 12:52 PM Flag this message

    To: rae Anderson

  • I have Dystonia on my right side. My arm, hand and wrist gets very tired quickly. I use medical marijuana in Michigan and it helps relax me and I too sleep better. I also use CBD products. I have found a patch with CBD oil that I put on my arm that helps also .

  • I live in Michigan where did you get your MM card and do you have a god dispensary that works with you? I know this was posted a year ago so hope you are still around

  • RobynS. I got my prescription from my Neurologist, he filled out Michigan license application and I sent the state. My severely handicapped daughter was 16 at the time and needed Rx from 2 Docs, which we found at some dispensaries.

    I go to Flint area dispensaries to get RSO, CBD oils and weed.

    The folks at The Green Bean ( 3 locations) are very helpful.

    I also use a CBD patch from PURE RATIOS online and MADE BY HEMP products (Michigan based) , but they wont send THC stuff

    I now grow my own and make great cookies.

    Sometimes you don't know how well this stuff works until you stop for a bit.

    I have tried CBD drops and awful tasting CBD oil that you put under your tongue. it all helps but gets very expensive, so now working on making oils

    I only use a vaporizer to inhale Marijuana. and its made in Canada

    I hope this helps, J

  • ty so much i dont think my neurologist would give me a MM card he is really old school any ideas on where i might be able to get one JPKP?

  • Some dispensaries have visiting doctors that will give RX for a fee

  • I've tried several cannibus products to help PD symptoms living in Colorado. I've found several things that help my muscle stiffness and tremors. I usually take a CBD/THC 3:1 concentration in candies or agave nectar multiple times during the day. I also take a bit of Indica drops at night to help with sleep. I've noticed that there is a balance that has to be maintained. Too much THC can cause more muscle soreness when it starts to wear off (also makes you really goofy, which I don't really like). It's hard to believe that it's not legal everywhere. Legalization has been a big success in Colorado and I'm happy to live here.


  • Works for me too. Edibles are great for insomnia.

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