Parkinson's Movement

Parkinson's Movement - the ball is rolling

Parkinson's Movement - the ball is rolling

Thank you all for joining Parkinson's Movement's community hosted by HealthUnlocked! We hope that this can be a start of something new which could lead to more direct involvement from patients in PD research and are very glad that so many have already joined.

The thought behind Parkinson's Movement is that we would like the focus to be mainly on research and related issues. We are working on some guidelines for bloggers and hope to be able to post them soon but please feel free to blog away meanwhile.

We hope that Parkinson’s Movement will be a research-focussed, patient-driven platform for information and canvassing within the Parkinson’s community. And we plan to have informed bloggers, webinars, polls, debates and so much more.

You can also follow Parkinson's Movement on Facebook (!/pages/Parkinsons-Movement/201306429904559) and/or Twitter (@PDMovement) to make sure you don't miss anything.

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