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micheal j fox,

just watched a interview with micheal j fox, it struck me that his postive attitude helps, yes he admits he has the money and high profile many of us dont have, but even on his bad days he talks himself into believing he will get by. i had my second bad turn yesterday and found myself talking myself down,

i only seem to be bad when another condition is present.

i had eaten something which made me ill, when trying to go back to bed i felt so weak and could not move, i paniced then i reminded myself i would be ok. i made it to my bedroom but not my bed, i lay on the floor and all i can say is i blanked out for about 30 mins. i think if i had not had the presence of mind to calm myself i would have fell and hurt myself. or is this normal for pd.

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There is a proverb that says "as a man thinks in his heart so is he" I'm glad your okay. Just keep on living and don't give up hope. I've fallen before, but never blanked out. You may want to talk it over with your doctor. Hope this helps. Blessings.


When i fall and find myself laying on the dog...a small Japanese Chin <looks like a Boston Terrior> comes and lays with me & comforts me...which is a big comfort...and than there are the days when I have laid there on the flor and talked to the dust bunnies..keeping my sense o humor in tact....Keep us posted on how you are doing...Casey in NH


I am sorry to hear aboutyour fall, but as with everything in life you now know how tohandle it! Experience is a great teacher.

We are all very lucky to have a person like MJF to represent us. He is so well liked by many and is doing such a fine job. I admore him immensely and am most greatful to him. Take it easy now.


MJF's book, A LUCKY MAN changed my life more than PD ever did.


Hi Mitchdee, I think after a bad fall you should set up a help line, because you could really hurt yourself, have you neighbours, friends or family nearby who you could ring, there all kinds of alert alarms, which might save your life, I know what you felt like, just last year I was recovering from a new knee replacement op, and I fell over watering our flower baskets, and I couldn't get up, I couldn't crawl, and just like Casey, I turned it around and decided to sunbathe, My wiife came home and got me up.Yes your mind can work against you or for you, what you think?.., YOU ARE. Please take care




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