I can't sleep

Plain and simple. Tried: ambien cr, lorazepam, guided meditation, reading, counting backwards from 300, listing tomorrow's activities to let them go, body scanning, snuggling with hubby, therapy sessions, consults with neurologist and psychiatrist, CPap, church, sweet nagging and reasoning from my husband

My only conscious reason is that I don't want tomorrow to start. 2 months ago I went on permanent disability and I miss being able to work. Soon my income will be cut by 2/3 and our health insurance may be changed to medicare.

I need to sleep - currently 5 hours is a luxury

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  • My income was cut 2/3 also, I'm on medicare and remember missing work. I am currently able to volunteer, as I am able, at the school I previously taught at.

    I know exercise is difficult, but I have found it helps.

    Also, taking care of my grandkids really helps with sleep. :)

  • I'm sure you have a point. I'm trying to get off the couch at least once a day--play with the dog, gardening.

  • My husband has trouble sleeping too Barb070. He has tried sleeping pills and they make him feel awful. He has to sleep in a recliner for a few hours and then the bed another few hours. He goes to bed at 11:00 and is up at 3:00 or 4:00. It makes for a hard day. Sleep is sooo important and God may help you all with this problem!!!

  • I appreciate your wishes.

  • Sounds like you need to talk to a therapist? Grieve your losses and vocalize your fears. It might help. It's my husband who worries and can't sleep. There is a lot to worry about!

  • You know, when I read my post, this seemed like the most obvious answer...but that seems like a very hard job.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

  • my sleep pattern is 3-4 hours at a time I go when I feel like it 10 PM to 1 AM then up by 6 for Yoga and Palenta on Monday and Wed coffee club on THUR so I use the time I'm up for things I find it a very good time for thinking and projects and look fwd to the Sunrise which is a new day The way I figure if I got tom be and am up but it to use

  • I to have sleeping isses, I take ambien it does'nt work!!!! Klonopin did I go to the gym and do a lil gardening in the evening to help me relax....I am currently awaiting my SSA hearing , I don't miss working at all only the paycheck...some days are better than others some nights are better than others but not being able to sleep simply put SUCKS!!!!

  • I am in the CAT NAPPING stage...alittle here and there...mostly during the day or right after supper...and the nights I am wide awake except for a half hour here or there. I have not done the med route...I just feel that I sleep when I'm tired...and am not going to stress over it.

  • Barb0707, It is 3:37 am....do you know where your children are? :) Obviously, I have sleep problems too. It seems that no matter how tired I am, I only get 2-3 hours here and there. Sometimes with the lack of sleep, I feel like "dead man walking." But I take it as it comes. I, too, have tried all the miracle sleeping meds. They work against me and give me the "big eye." I wouldn't know how to act if I slept 5-6 hours straight. Ahhh, I think it would be heaven! Maybe one day. Until then, I am a cat napper.

    Now, let's go make some ZZZZZZZZ's. :)

    Cheri :)

  • ha ha ! that's funny !! at 3:37 I was up watching a movie....

  • I also had sleep problems?.....My average was 2 hrs. per night, if I was "lucky" (Zombie City). I have found that "complete darkness", combined with making sure I get daytime activity helps a lot!.......By complete darkness I mean no light from windows, around doors, digital alarm clocks, cell phones,.....even a small light from a smoke alarm, (put tape over the "dot" of light).. It also helps to drink a "small" glass of "Ice cold" water before bed...................Now I get a decent nights sleep, and don't look like a "Zombie." ......Good Luck! :o)

  • There will be plenty of time to sleep later! It seems to be a common problem we all face therefor a "normal" issue. In ten years I have not found any amount of window covering, black tape, exercise, extra drugs, lack of coffee, etc that helps so I've adopted the following as a mission statement •••••

    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body •••••••••

    but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming,

    “Wow what a Ride”

  • I think I like it.

  • I take clonopin plus melatonin and valerian. I have nice dreams

  • Hey Barb,

    That appears to be quite an array of sleeping "aids" that you've been working with - good for you for having such tremendous commitment to find what works for you!

    Being that you have that and the obvious PMA it takes to do all such experiments, please allow me to suggest that you try the search button at the top of each page on this site. Type in the word "sleep", and, separately the word "insomnia" you'll find several pages of ideas from others that have not appeared yet in response to your more current raising of the question.

    Happy hunting!

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • My husband's problem is just the opposite. He sleeps too much. He tires easily and falls asleep watching TV or reading the paper. He wakes frequently at night, although I am a very sound sleeper and don't always hear him and usually sleeps till at least 10 am.

  • Seems like sleeping straight through for six to eight hours is everyone's ideal, but doesn't really happen that often. When I used to wake up in the middle of the night, I'd simply get up and do something for a while. Just act like that's normal, and it will be. (BTW, now that I'm on Mirapex, I no longer wake up completely, just for a moment, then it's back to dreamland.)

  • I think that getting up and doing something is a good idea...actually it's part of "good sleep hygiene" - but it drives my husband completely insane with worry. He just cannot accept that I haven't tried long enough and I give in too soon. Well - sometimes I try his advice, and then others I just explain to him that it really doesn't work.

    Good for you and Mirapex!! Unfortunately after about two months, I started feeling asleep instantly and randomly.....once while driving - and fortunately my windshield, hood and a few mailboxes were the victims. So Mirapex was out -- even though I loved the positive effects.

    My Psychologist has added Carbamazepine to the mix and it is having a real positive effect on the sleep issue.

  • Yeow - glad you survived the sudden sleep syndrome. In four months, still no sign of it for me, although I do take a little extra caffeine to fight a certain mild level of drowsiness.

  • HI it is 3 a.m. and I don't sleep either, but I have learned instead of making myself try to go back to bed, I just get up and do computer work then in an hour or two I go to my recliner and sleep. I use to try and work this way but have been on disability for 6 months with the medical part denied, so my income was reduced by 10,000 a year. Yes I worry but I have found I m much better if I just get busy, meaning husband and yellow lab do a light chorus of snoring, and I love the sounds of my home and the quietness of the morning and I get up and get dressed, never stay in your pj's - then I'm a quilter I have projects that I do for others, See while I do for others I forget about myself for awhile and don't allow the pd to own me. Yes there still are all the worries, but I give it up to God and sometimes there are answers and sometimes not, but all in all I have decided to embrace my life.

  • I like what you are saying, Getting up and doing something really freaks my husband out. I've had two accidents falling asleep at the wheel - one was very bad; totalled the car and severed nerves in my left leg. He is sure that getting up can encourage this falling asleep at the wheel. It takes a bit of patience to work through this issue for both of us.

    It's encouraging when people talk about losing income - although I think it's the biggest insult.

    I suspect at some point I will find some peace with how much my life has changed in such a small amount of time.

  • My life change so so much at first I was mad, but then I had to find a way of living for myself, no one knows what your going thru except you. I do try to stay quiet if it is to early to out and about in the house.

    Lots to do like e readers with head phones, going thru boxes of photos, organize and put in books.

    Then your husband needs to find a common ground, if he's sleeping what does it matter if your achey and just can to lay down any more? I seem to loosing up some if I walk take my meds the go back to bed it possible for 1 hr. then I am good.

    My whole life was turned upside down, some days were so bad I did n't think I could live thu it. But a next day would come and the light of a new day would give me hope. I also have great friends, who include me in all they do not matter if I shook or sweat. That was the worse it was the soaking wet sweats.But I kept busy, and remember you

    have parkinson it doesn't have you.

  • I can't sleep either. I wake up about every two or three hours.My body is filled with energy that can't be put to rest. I usually do some painting, which I never had done before my diagnosis. I watch TV. I seem to have a sharper mind at this time. I do some creative thinking. IF I do sleep for more than threee hours or through the night, I wake up in a great deal of pain because I missed my meds.If I am lucky I take a nap aound threee o'clock. I am tired most of the day.

  • It's really a yin and yang, isn't it? Exhaustion, sharper mind, energy that cannot rest - and then the "new life" with Parkinson's brings out a new creative outlet.

    I hope you find a small island of balance.

  • I sleep really badly,restless legs the lot,I am now on Clonasapam.and sleep really well,in fact all through the night,plus no restless legs

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