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What has been going on with me


On April 10 I fell down, my Parkey's right foot has terrible curled toes. Walking is problematic and falling was easy. I caused a hamstring injury and they take forever to heal; the doctor said it would've been easier to heal if I had broken a bone. The pain was excruciating and still is bad and remediated by Percocet. So I have been stuck on my third-floor bedroom for six weeks, I can get downstairs and outside a little, but can't go very far. I am still very wobbly and of course I cannot drive. My mood fluctuates from sadness to acceptance.

My husband took six weeks off work to care for me and returned to work this morning. Believe it or not, we are still speaking to each other. I am 67, I still work as a psychotherapist and have been speaking to some of my clients on the phone and will now start seeing a few in my home office. My whole life has been turned upside down and I'm not sure when it will get back to rights.

Every day I have been grateful for you all being there. It's been nice hearing what has been going on in your lives, reading about other people's concerns and hearing the answers to their questions. Thanks to all of you!

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Sorry to hear about your accident. We met at the March Parkinson's support group meeting. You may not remember me, but my wife was the little red head.

We are willing to help in any way we can. If you wish to contact us, Charlotte has our number. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

jeaniegal in reply to ronn

Of course I remember you and your beautiful wife Ron. I appreciate your offer and if I could think of anything, I will let you know. I'm pretty well set with support. The main support that I need is emotional and I know that I am going to that need that for a long, long time. You already helped me by introducing me to this site. I hope I have your emotional support for the duration, as you have mine.

Hi Jennifer

Sorry u have had a bad fall

Me too 5 yrs ago way b4 I was diagnosed with PSP

But we r all still here ,


Lol Jill :-)

jeaniegal in reply to jillannf6

I enjoy your posts! Your party was wild fun. It's good to be reminded that this will be behind me someday. Thank you.

it is great that you are still able to work - that must be such a comfort

jeaniegal in reply to shasha

My work is a comfort. I love the stimulation. I have been a therapIst for 45 years and to some extent I impove with age. I hope to provide some sort of service to the PD community once I feel better and more stable with my PD diagnosis. I get so tired I have to limit my work and I have been struggling to do that, the fall has helped me stop working so much!

I have curled toes on both feet and my feet move continually. I've fallen quite a few times.....loss of balance. When I'm tired it's worse. I'm forcing myself to do things. I finally realized that I hurt whether I'm doing things or just sitting around. I'm getting my other garden plants today so I'll be crawling around getting them planted over the weekend. Sleep has evaded me for the last two nights...I feel like hell.

Get better soon!

I lol at your post as I see myself in you. My right foot continuously draws up, it's weird! And my toes can't fit in shoes, I wear sandals all year long and I stagger around like I'm drunk. you are amazing to be gardening! And sleepless as well! You are right that we may as well do stuff, sitting around isn't less painful and is depressing too.

ronn in reply to merlethegirl

Merle, I notice that you both,and others also, speak of having curled toes. That is one Parkie trick I have, thus far, been spared and I would like to post-pone the problem as long as possible. Looking back, can you think of any excersize or other advice which might lessen or delay the curling. I currently try to walk a mile each day and do foot excersizes on a soft Danskin Ball.

In reading the paragraph just written it appears that I am trying to profit from your unpleasant experience. I hope you don't read it that way.

May you find someone to walk with.

Your tomato seeds are drying in the sun.

Being stuck upstairs is a b***h. I have the curly toes now on the unaffected right side. Maybe all the classes I'm taking keep me from falling. But I'm going to fly by myself this weekend and very nervous about it. wish me luck! Hope you can get out soon!

jeaniegal in reply to PatV

I hope the flight goes well! I get a wheelchair and love the extra help. I should practice falling softly as I'm sure to fall again. Have a wonderful trip! I'll be thinking Of you.

PatV in reply to jeaniegal


shasha in reply to jeaniegal

hey , if you find out how to 'fall softly ' please let us know - i have perrmanently damaged both my knees !!

I too have the toe curling. A podietrist suggested straightening the toes last year, DON"T DO IT! Yes he straightened the toes, but the muscle pulling them under in the first paace is still pulling them under. My toes are in worse shape than before surgery. I recently started EMG guided Botox and it helps relax that muscle so the toes tend to curl a great deal less. The shots are uncomfortable, but worth it if they get the correct muscle group. I also find my balance is better after the Botox. I too am a faller, but i generally land on my hip. SO glad I got my mothers strong bones. Hope they are still with me s I get older. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


999---666 in reply to HomeinVa

you listened to a podiatrist? I'm not similarly afflicted (I get what feels like high blood pressure in both my toes now.)

it helps if you stand on yor toes and stretch them in the other direction, stretch thigh muscles while your at it, and squote. I hang on to the sink.

What a great suggestion! Years ago I had a hammertoe release and bunionectomy that didn't help me. Thanks for replying!

Hi Jeaniegal , i have similar problems, my neuro. has mentioned Dystonia you can google the dystonia foundation or there's many sites to check into. Goodluck gettting answers

I hope the bones are healing. You need to get a chair lift for your stairs and a scooter.

I finally slept , after I had scraped between all the bricks on the patio. It looks better but some are bucking up so I will have to reset a few at a time. I think I have developed a compulsive behavior disorder. I have to be doing something all the time. At least it keeps my mind off the pain. I got my plants for the garden and some flowers for the deck. My sister is home for the weekend and she will be helping plant the flowers for the deck. I've given my lower back a few days of relief and am ready to get the garden finished. I will think of you while I am on my hands and knees in the dark loam soil of North Dakota. Take care and heal.

I had a little crying last night when the Percocet wore off and the pain was so intense,after a day with lots of activities. like you, I feel best when I have a project that I'm engaged in. I had Been pretty active and made strawberry bread with the strawberries from our farm box. And then I happened to see your posting to me and boy did that make me smile. Thank you for sharing your goings-on. I can see you out there scraping those bricks, planting those plants, working through the pain. I really appreciate you sharing your circumstances with me as I can so relate. Although I cannot relate to the soil, it sounds delightful to have your hands in that nice dirt.

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