fishing girl earns her name

Last weekend my hubby and I went to our remote camp in the Maine wilderness with family. On the last morning, after having a nice weekend catching up with family, I got up with the sunrise with no one else awake on the pond except a few loons and the fish. I looked out the window and watched fish jump at bugs on the top of the water and decided to walk down to the pond(almost a lake) to try my luck. Not really a good idea to venture downhill to the dock by myself with no one knowing where I was in case I fell but I couldn't resist. My dog, myself, my pole, and a hot cup of coffee headed down. I thought, even if I don't catch fish, I can watch this morning begin in this beautiful place. Bet you wish you were there by now. I stood on the dock, dog by my side, and just looked at nature's beautiful place. After a moment I just had to try my luck with my fly rod. I stood on the dock and caught and released brook trout for an hour, no kidding. Made me stop and appreciate that once again, this year that I still can walk to this amazing place. Gave me a boost and helped me focus on what I can still do and how lucky I am to have my husband, family, and this amazing place to come to for relaxing and reflecting.

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  • Good morning, fishinggirl. Good for you! I think this is awesome!

    Cheri :)

  • Wonderful

  • And I get to go back every weekend in the summer, if I want to! I'm a Lucky Lady!

  • Sounds like you are truly blessed! :)

  • Sometimes I have to remember I am more than the Parkinsons since I am no longer known as teacher.

  • I know what you mean. When I had to retire from my job working with preschoolers, I felt that loss of identity. We can't let Parkinson's dictate who we are or who we might become in the future. I enjoyed reading your post.

  • Very well written. I could imagine being there. Focusing on what I can do is what keeps me thinking positive. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for posting such a wonderful reflection.

  • I love the early morning, fishing and my dog. Wish I could have been there.

  • WOw happy for you!

  • Heading back tomorrow afternoon after helping hubby's sister. Hope I'm doing ok so I can relax and enjoy when the chores are finished. Hope everyone has a great weekend. If you know a veteran, thank them this weekend. My hubby is a Vietnam Vet and I'm proud of him.

  • Where is this lake in Maine? I live in Portland, Maine, and there are lots of wonderful lakes, ponds, etc. in Maine.

  • Horseshoe Pond, up by Green ville. Its between Elephant Mt and Indian Mountain, the Elephant MT that has been on the news this week about the B-52 seat found there. My favorite place! My feet are hurting bad tonite but still going there in the morning for 2 days. My rest, reflection, and recreation spot for the summer. Good food, great family, good friends, my hubby and my beautiful golden retriever, Callie.

    Just add a fly rod and I'm all set. Happy Weekend to everyone!

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