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You don't get a pass with a diagnosis

I’ve learned something in the past few weeks and that is, a diagnosis of Parkinson Disease does not give us a pass for all the other troublesome details life hands us. We still have snarky teenagers to deal with, and aging parents, and even illness unrelated to PD crashes down around our ears on occasion.

It’s not fair but it is reassuring in a way. At least it confirms that we are alive and needed and useful. If life happens whether we participate or not, then we might as well live and deal with all the difficulties like ordinary people. I think, having no pass is preferable to having one, like living is preferable to just waiting. It isn’t exactly profound but it is something that we sometimes forget. So often we concentrate on losses, and they are many and painful, but the losses provide the contrast necessary to appreciate what remains.

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Good thoughts Pam. And there are always others who do need us; they need to relate to us as a person, not a sick person. Sometimes that is difficult for us patients to do. The more we look "different", the less confident we feel in social situations and the more we find ourselves explaining our look or behavior to strangers.

Then there are grandchildren ...I feel such pure love for my grandson my heart could burst. I treasure every minute I can with him. He's 8 and time goes by so quickly. Another one on the way, but will have to sit to hold it.

In spite of illness, we want to be remembered for who we are, not what sickness we had. some days are almost normal....never quite but still close.


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