Parkinson's Movement

My Garden intercepted by other projects

I've not given up, by any means I will get it planted. Being 40 miles from the nearest city which sells seed and plants, I have put the garden in a hold pattern. Mom has an eye appointment in DL Thursday, that's the day I'll get my seed and plants. It's raining out and it looks to be that way for a few more days.

I spent 2 hours under the deck today, raking, weeding, and filling dog holes. Sam was busy digging more while I filled them up! Don't you have to laugh! It's a dogs world after all.

I lost a whole paragraph or two. Where do they go?

I was telling you that I'm taking D3, B complex, Omega 3,6 and 9, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and vitamin C. I think I'm feeling better, more energy but the more I do the more I hurt. My stamina is improving, it feels great to break into a sweat and be able to continue on fighting through the pain. The charlie horses do go away but they leave angry muscles to deal with for days to come. I take Ibuproten for pain and Soma for the rigidity. It's not enough to be rid of the muscle problem.

In the next few days I am going to be removing terra-cotta stepping stones which are below the grade. Some are broken, others supply uneven ground which,with my balance problems, will cause me to fall. It's time for them to go, fill the holes and plant some grass.

Am I having fun yet? (More fun then clearing Sam's dog poo from the yard yesterday)!!!

How are your gardens growing? It sure helps doing something you love to do!

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I am still gardening when I can. I wish I had your stamina. The more do it seems the more needs to be done. We have had a good couple of sunny days here, unusual for us, so will have to get something done today. Plants need planting but my dog also needs her ball throwing, and this easier!!

Hope to reap the benefits of the veg. Perhaps I should be taking vitamins?


i used to take vitamins religiously, I stopped when I thought they were piling up in my gut unabsorbed. One of the side effects of PD--constipation. Anyway good luck with garden. I'm so jealous. Love gardens. Careful with your back and those stones. No one can help? Also jealous of the dog! I'm happy in the city but would move in a minute if I could afford it.


I'd rather do it myself. That's just work. Never had anyone in my life that wold help. I can't find anyone to even walk with me.


A pity merle

Re the walking what age r u re getting together with like minded and bodied people

Lol Jill



I have stopped most of my vitamins. I find my biggest problem is with conspation. I am taking stalevo 200 and propananlol 10. This takes care of my PD symptoms. I am chronicaly constipated.

The only way for me to have a bowel movement is liquid glycerin suppositories

I hope some one can help me with a better solution


I eat raisins by the seems to help and lotz of fiber. Raw veggies to snack on. I have better luck with this than anything else.


MtG, Now you've done it. I tried to resist, but all this garden talk and veggie verbage has made it necessary to tell you about


I live in a modest residence on a small lot in the middle of a California city. No room for a garden but it does have a two foot brick planter on the south and east sides of the house. In February of 2011 I transplanted a "Beefsteak" tomato seedling into that planter. It soon began to grow and GROW. It quickly outgrew 2 tomato cages, spread up the wall and down the planter, completely covering up a dwarf orange tree, When it began to set fruit it produced literaly hundreds, yes hundreds, of large ripe tomatos. We furnished tomatos for the entire neighborhood.

I had always considered the tomato an annual plant but the TPFH ( tomato plant from hell) refused to go dormant! I cut it back periodically leaving but a modest size bush, but it continued to grow and maintain a lush green color. In frost free Southern California it waited out the winter and, come April ,it burst forth again with new shoots and blossoms. It has once again engulfed neighboring growth and covered up my bedroom window.. (I keep a gun under my pillow!) It has already set a couple hundred tomatos, which are now ripening, and threatens to lift the roof off the house. HELP!



We are in California, land of the never dying tomato. Last year we picked over 6000. Yup, that numbers not a mistake. All plants back up this year with a vengeance. Best use, tomato juice. Put in blender, sieve, freeze with your fav seasoning. I have one cherry tomato over 5 yrs old. This year I followed Sunset Magazines suggestion to plant peppers of 6 varieties next to tomatoes to grow my own seasonings. Can we just say Jack the Bean Pepper?

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I've got to get seeds from your plants! I'd love to grow one for the fun of it!


email me at and send me your address, I will dry some and mail em. Our new addition is a heritage that is PURPLE. Can hardly wait This will be for SALSA.


What a wonderful story! Any chance I could get some seeds from this prolific plant?

One of these days I'll share a story about the Rose bush from hell!


threw my tomatoe plants out because of lack of sun. wish I was there.


My husband has to eat Raisin Bran every day. It really helps. Stool softener pills work too.


find out why you're constipated, enzymes low, probiotics might do it if you need them...Metamucil, but just treating the symptom....


I am also working on making a new garden spot. Moved to my new home late last fall so I'm starting from scratch. The spot is ready, planted cuke plants, something ate them the first night. Today I planted a few tomatoes and string beans and purchased squash seedlings to put in. Can only do a bit at a time, the rest will wait until later on. Get tired very easily now and I also have some "charlie horses" that leave sore muscles. Had a charlie horse in right leg the other day that wouldn't let go for almost 1/2 hour. Hurt a lot but gone now and hope won't return. Then I get a flier in the mail today saying Parkinson's always progresses and how bad it is, then it asked for money, depressing me but I trashed it, feel better now, going to go back out to the garden here in Maine(mosquito land). Happy gardening!


I'm hurting today but not from my garden. Worked on the yard and overdid it.

Oh well, I'd be hurting if I did nothing. I get charlie horses in my butt about a killer! They are probably the worst part of PD.


I also do the yard work at my home. My husband has a very bad back and breathing troubles so I do it. But I also love to do it, love to be outside and see the flowers and grass grow. I do bits at a time and eventually it comes together. My feet hurt like heck tonite so only slept 4 hours, guess I overdid. Gonna go find something to help the ache and get a little more sleep. happy gardening and yard work! Keeps us going...


I have gardened in England from a child & always found it a good way of forgetting your troubles. I have also gardened in Canada & Africa.

Below is a talk I gave on gardening for the less able. I now live in North Wales

with very small garden but still grow in pots & planters mainly flowers, herbs & few vegetables. Climate in the Northern half of the UK tends to be wet ,cold & windy. We are currently having a week of lovely sunshine for a change.

I hope the following might be of use

Gardening for the Less Able


The magic of growing plants is the Healing Therapeutic Value. It has a Calming Effect & great satisfaction from Creating something beautiful or something you can eat.

The Magic Formulae for growing plants


General Advice Keep it simple. Adapt cultivation to your capability

No dig Method Existing Vegetable Plots


Existing cultivated plots need no deep digging.(If new plot it will need to be dug to a depth of a spade removing large stones & weeds the first time only. You would need help for this.)

Start Autumn

The Veg Plot would first needs breaking up by using a garden fork dig in about 4 inches then twist to break up soil. Rake remove stones, weeds etc

Spread manure over the plot & let it break down over the winter.

I had chickens so I just threw the manure over the garden & let it break down over the winter. Do not use fresh chicken manure directly on plants it will shrivel them up.


Again go over the plot again with the fork just twist & break up soil again only about 4 inches deep.

Rake over & remove any winter debris. Make a fine tilth with Rake or hoe.

Plant seeds as normal. Grandchildren are very useful for this.

Weed Control

Once the seeds show through, Use a flat hoe cutting away from you. Use Light strokes breaking up the top layer of soil. Cutting off any weeds which in turn are killed by the sun.

Does it work?Yes it does!!-All cultivation is done standing up

I used this method for about 7 years in a plot 10 ft X 6ft. I could not bend or do any digging due to bad spinal damage.

You can grow pretty well anything I grew beans, cabbage, onions, leeks etc. if you have plenty of sun try courgettes, tomatoes etc.

The advantage of this method it keeps all the nutrition in the top of the 4inches. Weed seeds are not dug up so eventually there is a good clean tilth.

The key is regular Hoeing every 2nd day. Longer periods can be used but warning weeds will soon sprout up.

Have a go.

Pots or Planters

1)What to grow

Simple salad crops>herbs

or Flowers Primula's, fushia's, Poppies', Nastursions,Pansies

3)Where to grow

Planters, Window Boxes, Car Tyres. A simple & cheap way of growing from a wheel Chair or standing, is to use a pile of old tyres make sure they are the same size. Pile them to the height that is convenient for you The first foot use stones or rocks, broken bricks for drainage then fill with compost.

4)Tools trowel hand fork, dibber

5)Watering Do not over water, damp side of dry is ideal. Do not let plants dry out

6)Feed Tomato Feed or Phostrogen type soluble feed.

7)Healthy Eating Enjoy what you grow

Salads use mint chopped with lettuce. Use mixed leaves.

General Rule:If it gives you indigestion DO NOT EAT IT eg radishes


I can recommend eating Prunes and dried apricots for constipation. Movicol sachets for softening the stools seem to work for my husband


So glad to hear about some one doing all they can,and finding out they can do more then they thought. I think some missed the point go out and try. Sure the muscles hurt but what a sense of accomplishment.


my garden is growing amazingly ...... in my living room! We have had such fierce winds that i do not dare put the poor dears out, they would be blown to shreds!!!! Next week, i hope. Put in a good word for me with the garden Goddesses.


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