ECT electroconvulsive therapy... used to be called electro shock therapy

I have been back to my Psychiatrist and reported no improvement in depression/anxiety with Emsam patch-selegiline. This is after numerous attempts with SSRI's and SNRI's. He wants to try lamactil which is used for bipolar and seizures thinking I might be bipolar. If that fails he wants to try ECT. This is done 3x weekly for 9-12 sessions.

Has anyone been down this road?

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  • My grandmother had ECT. It is barbaric. I did not realise that was still practiced. Oh, and it did not work! Just scared the crap out of her!

  • One of the doctors my husband saw wanted to do it to him. We said no. We did not even think he was that depressed and could not understand why he wanted to do this already! We thought that treatment was only used as a last resort. Some of these doctors just want to try things on people because they are learning or trying new treatments. Not new things out there but new to them as a treatment to their patients! Read about it as much as you can before you make a decison.Then get a second opinion!! I read about it and there can be scary problems from it.

  • As a psychiatric nurse for 44yrs yes I have seen ECT used, though not seen itfor years now. It was as a last resort, then and I am sure now. But I do have to say in some cases I did see although they never really new why ,that it did work with some people and gave relief. I suppose its your decision. xx sorry thats all I know. Good luck. personally I think it would have to be a very last resort for me or for any of my loved ones.

  • If it were me id try natural way...h factor from higher nature gets your homocysteine level down and encourages your body to make serotonin. Also make sure you take vit c and omega 3 fish oils every day. See patrick holford on nutrition for the sugar, alcohol or caffeine or other stimulants.

  • Thanks to all... it's pretty much what I think.

  • I was in the hospital once 40years ago for anxiety. I saw a lot of people in there

    who had shock treatments. They walked around like Zombies. It scared the s..t out of me. I never had any and i never would.

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