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Bad Day!!!

For all of us with PD, we know what it means to have a "Bad Day". This is one of those days for me. I usually can just roll right through them. But every once in a while, I can't. This is one of those times!! Besides having PD, I also have Sarcoidosis and it affects my breathing. Today I am wheezing alot and I don't think I can go to yoga, which I love.

But I do know that tomorrow will be a new and better day. I have that to hold on to, that no matter how BAD a day might be, no matter how BAD I may feel, tomorrow is a new day with new opprotunities and new challenges. So I won't wish this day away, I will hold it close and know that with the sunset and sunrise comes a NEW day!!!

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Bad days suck!! I get an audio book out and that helps me through. Check your local library, they should have a selection of tape or cd. I can't read anymore, I keep loosing my place and I get eye stain.

I hope your day gets betters as it goes.


So sorry to hear you`re having a bad day.....we all have `em.......just know that you are not alone.....we are here for you....we will keep your spirits up :-)

I cant think of a better way to cheer you up than a PAARRTTAYY :-) Ohh Yeahh

Join us in an online party tomorrow night, its a housewarming party for Jillannf6....start time 8 - 8.30pm UK time.......I will start a stream off and everyone contributes blogs on that stream....It will be a blast!!!!.......So please join us and have some fun! :-)

So take care and I hope the rest of your day goes well :-)

Andy :-)


Thank you both for your encouragement!!!! This site has been a blessing to me and I know to others. We must all stick together!!!


We all need one another. Peace.



When you're looking back and when you look ahead----Never count the years but count your friends instead......Count the happy days---------foreget about the rest. Count many ways in which you have been blessed. I believe this is what you are saying. But difficult isnt it xxx Take care and thankyouxx


And for tomorrow my good friends and listeners

Let this be a happy day--all the while and all the way--- May the dearest dream come true and the best be granted to you... Good friends to your doorstep be sent--and your hear be well content---withwhat the day may leave bheind. Time be good and Life be kindxxx


Bad days are quite a challenge. Those who never face a challenge must be very bored.


I am never bored so I quess I face alot of challenges!!!


Hi Sadie, I hope that bad day is behind you, and you are feeling better! I've had a few bad days this week too. I, also have sarcoidosis; however, it has affected my heart. In addition to the Parkinson's and sarcoidosis, I have systemic lupus, sjogrens, fibromyalgia, and RA too. Autoimmune diseases are in my genes. I was diagnosed with lupus at age 25. Through the years the others have jumped on the bandwagon with the Parkinson's being the most recent addition. It's tough; but I keep on fighting the fight. I remind myself that I have a lot of blessings in my life and try to be thankful for the little things.

Thinking of you,

Cheri :)


Ahd I thought having PD and Sacoid was bad! I can't believe that one person is given so much to overcome! I think you need to trade those genes in for a new set.

Seriously, I hope that you have a strong support sytem to help you with all you have. I know I do and I have this website.

PS the day got better, my son is home for the weekend from school and had a very promising job interview yesterday then we all went out for dinner to my favorite restaurant last night.

Thanks for all of the good thoughts that I could feel coming my way yesterday!!!!

Love to you all



Happy to hear you had a good weekend with your son. I hope the job comes through for him. My sons and grandgirls always put a smile on my face too and make me forget my worries.

You're right...I need new genes! When I get down, I can always look around and see someone worse off than myself.....then I count my blessings. I have a good support system with my family.

Again, so glad that things are better for you. Keep the faith and stay strong. How was the chocolate sundae? I think we should all take GrammyC's advice. :)

Take care,



Sounds like you have a good attitude. We never know what tomorrow will bring.


SadieSadie, I know what you mean by bad days. All of we Parkies have them. Hang on to the fact the the next day will be better. Eat a chocolate sundae! Chocolate helps everything...right?!!! Take care...we are all here for you.


Chocolate DOES help everything!!!!!!! Thanks, SadieSadie


Sorry you had and are having a bad day. Just so happens I had a very bad day today which is May 26. I am not able to get on the computer much, walking is more difficult and remember--well that would be a miracle. Best to you... ~~~Dennis


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