Has anyone experienced changes io their body odour?

I have never had a strong natural scent (honestly!). However, even with a much reduced sense of smell, I noticed a change to my body odour in the year or so post diagnosis. Then, when I started sinemet, my body odour returned to normal! One of the more trivial changes with PD, but i should be interested to know if anyone has had a similar experience.

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  • ......and I wonder if dogs can smell PD in the way that they have been used, to amazing effect, to identify cancers?

  • Hello again , YES but i didn't realise until my wife pointed it out .

  • Another possibility is that there is a change in the way your olfactory system PERCEIVES odors, including your own. While my sense of smell was failing, many things smelled different, (worse), than before.

  • Yes. My husband has this problem too. He is on Sinemet but it still happens now and then. I have to tell him because he has no sense of smell anymore. Wow we wondered if this was due to PD. Thank you for your question Mark1! We learn so much together here!!

    I want to say something else too about this. He also perspires only on the left underarm like if a faucet was dripping!! This is so strange! Thankfully it does not always happen.

  • I don't know because my sense of smell is diminished. I hope some kind person will tell me. It's getting harder to get in shower. I do know people in my pwp classes who complain of increased sweat. I rarely sweat but have water retention :(

  • I know this post is from a few months ago, but I ran across it surfing the web for Parkinsons and body odor. I hope this is an answer for me too. I have had very oily skin and an odor for a few years now. I recently have been given a PD diagnosis at 34 years old. I swear we through out a couch that wasn't even a year old due to it. As embarrassing as it's been, I finally gave in and went to a dermatologist (before the PD diagnosis) .......again, no answers (after a skin biopsy and MULTIPLE "trial" scripts. I'm hoping it is due to the PD. I'm hoping this is finally an answer.

  • The woman who can smell PD: bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-34...

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