Oh, my garden, my garden!

It took me 3 days to rake the rocks, plant 2 rows of potatoes and 2 rows of onions. I got 4 charlie horses, 2 blisters and stiff, sore shoulders....but I did it! I'm not done, squash, tomatoes, radishes, red peppers. corn and who knows what! Probably brussel sprouts!

Is it worth it? Yes it is. It has taken will power to face the pain but I delt with it when it came. It's what we all do everyday, face it head on. I can't sit around anymore. Get with it, so what if it takes more time, you still reap the benefits and no one can take that away from you.

My other projects underway are chaging a toilet seat with rusty bolts. Now this is a frustrating project. Next on the list is a faucett. My goodness...I'm going to be a plumber for a few days!

Happy to be doing something,


I'll post a pic after it starts to grow

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  • So happy for you!!!! Wow!!!! You are doing more than most people who are NOT sick!!! Congratulations!!! :-) Can't wait to see the pics!!!!


  • Merle, Carrots!! Ya gotta plant some carrots. There are days when I would kill for a sweet North Dakota carrot. I miss them, Also miss, of all things, the rhubarb.

    You picked rocks for three days?? I had no idea that the Lake region was so rocky. Oh, well, It's good excersize and will be worth it at harvest time.

    God luck with your plumbing, will look for ward to pictures (of the garden, not the plumbing)

  • Mom made the best Rhubard Pie a few days ago!. Yes, I'll be planting carrots too!

    Millions of years ago a great glacier pushed dirt and rock into SD, ND, Minn, and Mt. They are mining rock for use on the dikes on Devils Lake. Mega tons of rock have been moved. There is some interesting geology in this area. How long ago did you live here?

    I borrowed a sawzall to finish my plumbing project....I'm getting seriously upset....do or die!!!!

  • I tried to grow rhubarb here in California, but it died instantly in this clay soil. It needs good ND black loam.

    I grew up in Bisbee, 60 mi. northwest of Devil's Lake. I believe we played M-----k in high school basketball the year you were born.

    (don't recall who won). We moved to California in 1957, but still come back occasionally to visit.

    Good luck with your plumbing project, (easy on the sawzall)

  • I lived in the Auburn area in Ca. You're right about the rhubarb , mine didn't make it either. I lived out there for 40 years.

    I got the plumbing done. I'm an ex-hardware junkie. I managed a True Value store for 13 years. The only thing I won't do is Electrical.

  • M.G., Glad to hear that your TS project ended well. Now you can concentrate on the garden. If they decide to have a virtual pot-luck, you're in for the rhubarb pie. Does virtual ice cream melt?

    Are you safe from the rising water?

  • I would hope it would melt. I'd hate to sit and look. It would be boring for nothing to happen!r

    Mom says I can share the rhubarb pie recipe if we have the virtual pot-luck.

    We don't have a water problem here but my brother, 13 miles N, could only plant a 1/4 of his land. Now Rice Lake, up by Minot, is on the rise. Check out Devils Lake on the web.

  • Well done you!! :-)

    You should advertise your services! :-D lmao

    Take care

    Andy x

  • Yes well done indeed keep it up girl xxx

  • I also have been working in the garden. Bit different now from a few years ago. Then I did everything with ease. Now things take a lot more effort, but the end result is the same. Along with the aches and pains I feel a great sense of achievement and only hope all my hard work will not become food for the slugs.

    I have surprised myself as well as wearing myself out. Mind you I have had a few good days. Could not do the same on off days. Each day with Parkinsons is different and I am learning to take the bad with the good. Long may it continue.

  • It's amazing how sore and tired a person can get. I can't do anything on off days. As long as I can do things on my on/off schedule they will get done sooner or later. My pills aren't working so I have more off time than on. When they kick in I get on with my projects and have about an hour. I have an appointment at a PD center next month to discuss DBS.

  • This described exactly how I feel. Work too hard on good days and then have a run of off days. Frustrating to say the least. My meds just seem to do their own thing . Difficult to make plans in advance. Some days do not seem to need meds as frequently others get very little relief from tremor. Don't you love Parkinsons!!

  • Keep up the great work! Love fresh veggies.

  • I just started my garden here in Maine. Moved last year so starting from scratch. The spot is now ready, just have to start planting in the large spot, already planted cuke seeds and 6 plants in a smaller spot. Yesterday, I planted a few flower pots, needed some color after the long Maine winter. The sun is out after a rainy May so I'm going to open a few packets of veggie seeds, plant them, and hope they grow. I just tackle a few small projects at a time, set small,manageable goals for the day and putter away! The other day my goal was to fill 2 small planters with flowers. I did one in the am and one in the pm. Looking good! My sister says I accomplish more in a day than lots of healthy people.

    Next after the garden, maybe get more grass growing on the bare dirt left after my home was built. Fishing this weekend! I don't care if my feet still hurt or cramp up, I'm going! Gotta have some life , not just focus on my Parkinsons problems.

  • Wonderful to hear from you all. Today I'm off...can tell already but I still have my brain so will plan for tomorrow. For all the work I did yesterday you think I would have slept like a rock, There is no way to count on sleeping especially when your legs run all night. Right now I'm going back to bed.

  • Way to go with the gardening! There is nothing like connecting with nature. I find that even though my husband and I cannot hike mountains at the moment, we can still walk in the woods and that's wonderful.

    My husband has PD and his friend built us a raised bed for a veggie garden that is 20 inches high. That way, he won't have to bend quite so much!

  • So jealous. I pulled a few weeds while visiting my son. Love the smell of dirt. He's raising collard greens, radishes, 10 kinds of squashes, herbs, tomatos. Did you know you can eat the blossoms of chives and the greens of radishes? Yum.

  • Squash blossoms are good too!

  • Lets's start a virtual garden for PWP!

  • I'm all for it!

  • GOOD JOB!!! So when is supper, we can all get together for a virtual dinner and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  • Who's cooking?

  • I love fresh fruits and vegetables, especially tomato and aspagus. Good for you.

  • This year I have planted onions, garlic, shallots, aubergine, peppers, chillies, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes and lettuce. I looooove it!!!

  • Sounds like you could make some killer salsa!

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