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Parkinson’s disease affects millions of patients

After Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease is the most common neuro-degenerative disease. Most people who get Parkinson’s disease are aged 50 or over but younger people can get it too; one in 20 is under the age of 40.ii Parkinson’s disease currently affects

4.1 million patients globally which is projected to rise to 8.7 million by 2030.iii Parkinson’s disease is caused by the loss of brain cells that produce the chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter which makes other parts of the brain that coordinate movement work properly. A

patient with Parkinson’s disease develops stiffness, tremors and slow movement that can become worse over time.

I had my annual MOT for PD today. In course of conversation with my neurologist the subject of Prosavin was discussed. He feels that this is the most promising development so far. Inevitably it will require further trials and may be a few years before it gets, hopefully, the thumbs up to be let loose on us. I have put the first paragraph in just to emphasis just how widespread PD has become and yet so few people outwith the PD sphere are aware. There is another blog running re awareness.

Note. I was prescribed parimexin for R.L.S. and it works but it has left me with a slight increase in tremor. So, the trade off is either sleep at night or virtually no tremor. A no brainer - a good nights sleep wins every time. I'll live with the tremor. My dosage is 3 x 0.088mg which is the lowest dose. It was also confirmed by my neurologist that the strength can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer but it is up to the patient to fine tune for best results. Overall, an interesting day.

I am being referred to a speech therapist re my slight stutter and slurring speech especially when public speaking. Partially nerves but also lack of muscle control brought on by PD. I also mentioned my dyslectic typing (I was professionally trained as a typist) and it appears that speech and typing are controlled from the same part of the brain. Didn't know that.

The only answer I did not get was about my body suddenly going cold and causing my tremors to go high. Wrapping up in a blanket for 30 minutes or have a hot shower gets my body warm again and tremors go down but there is no meds that he can find to resolve this issue. Not associated with PD or side effects of PD meds.

I will research further. Anybody any idea re sudden cold onset?

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I have found the answer to why I suddenly feel cold. I am overdue for my B12 injection. If you have a low iron count or are borderline anemia (which I am) then sudden coldness of your body will occur.


Thanks for posting; good to know...I didn't know about the connection to cold and B12


very good to know!


My husband says that he has problems with getting cold suddenly. If we go into a building where it is too hot and then we go outside into a breeze he gets too cold. If we go into a building that is too cold he starts to tremor more and is very uncomfortable. Pain gets stronger too. Any sudden change in temperature causes this to happen to him. He has not brought this up to his doctor. He thought it was just because winter has always been hard on him and we read somewhere that the cold weather affects people with PD worse than people with out it. Thanks for sharing the information.


well to make things clearer hopefully.

Feeling cold is caused by being anemic (just border line). Lack of iron in my body is contributing factor. (Please don't tell me to eat more broccoli - it would take many hectares worth to get enough iron!). My red blood cells are slightly enlarged.

B12 does a number of things. It shrinks the enlarged red cells, gives me energy, greater iron levels and best of all stops me going cold suddenly. My fault entirely - I forgot!


Interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Drew, Am i right in presuming with three monthly injections of B 12 you are describing pernicious anaemia which is an auto immune condition and often familial. It is different from anaemia from iron deficiency as i understand it.


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