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We have Micheal J Fox in our corner...He has become the "Face of Parkinsons" to the public. order to educate the public about what this disease is and does to the huge numbers afflicted with it..Fox's face and voice are not enough.

I propose that we begin a letter writing campaign to the Fox foundation to ask them to produce a TV documentary that shows the many faces, stories and lives of real everyday people who have loved and lost due to Parkinsons. It would require many brave enough to be interviewed on camera at their worst,

I believe that until the general public can relate and identify with the fact that Parkinsons is incurable, devastating..and that it can touch THEIR OWN LIVES, they will remain complacent and uneducated. Although Micheal J Fox has been a strong voice and a great advocate for those with PD, people see him alive and working..not... unable to support his family, afford his own medical care, walk, stand or swallow.

While the Fox Foundation offers hope and a search for a cure- more funds will be raised for research and the public may rally behind our cause if they can understand this simple truth: They and their loved ones are NOT safe from Parkinsons and that right now, there IS NO CURE..

Any one have any thoughts?

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Hi Kat00 :-)

Good idea, I`m up for doing it.

I`ve already been in touch with my local regional BBC TV station about a story I`m hoping they`ll run about me losing my job because, as I firmly believe, of my diagnosis of Parkinsons. I`ve actually spoken to them again today and its looking like they will run with it at some point in the very near future...fingers crossed!

Yes lets get writing or e-mailing the MJF Organisation.....I`ll send them a copy of my story ASAP

Andy :-)


Go andy!


i agree with Andy--great idea! Let's do it. It maybe efficient if we draft a sample letter that everyone can use.--kinda like political push letters to congress etc.

Any other suggestions?


What is needed to bring awareness to the public is a Parkinson Telethon here in the US and also in the UK.I imagine there are many actors and recording artists and other famous people that have PD,eg Mohammed Ali.Maybe Michael J. Fox could host it.They have to find a cure or at least somerhing to stop the progression and the only way to do it is to raise a lot of money for research.


e-mail address for the Michael J Fox Organisation is:


Great idea! I 'm willing to do what ever it takes. I think people need to actually see the challenges that PD people have to face every day. I also think a Telethon would be great. Let me know how I can help.


What a great idea. I agree that people need to see the challenges and often pain that people experience every day before they have any understanding of what this beast can do. No one is safe - it could be one of them next.


Count me in. A documentary would be great! I think we should also pursue other means of getting across the same information. I agree with Brooke that a telethon would get the info. out big time. Should draw a larger audience than anything else I can think of right now. And a telethon would mean immediate donations. I think we should maximize exposure by also pushing for specials, PD topics on health shows, talk shows, etc. What about having PD booths at health fairs locally? Has anyone been involved in something like this?

Does anyone know if e-mails to org's are as effective as letters? Do you think we should attempt to be as involved as they'll let us be in determining content of any production? I'll be sending a request to (Thanks Andy C) for now. Are there other organizations (PD or not that might be interested in our efforts? Please keep me informed of what else I can do to help. What a blessing it will be to so many if we can pull this off! Let's make it ALL happen and more.


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