Hi all :-)

I`m organising a house warming party for Jillannf6 this coming Saturday 19th May, start time 8pm UK time.

There will be the usual mix of good music, food and drink.....and dancing :-)

I will be your genial host ;-) so lets forget our worries, put on our dancing shoes...and PAARRTTAAYYYYYY!!!! :-D

See you all there!! :-)

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  • Go for it you party person you xx

  • Hope to see you there :-) PARTY ON!! YAY!!

  • Let'a make it a barbeque! Kabobs? Burgers? Ribs? All of the above?? Yum.

  • Excellent idea!! :-) see you there

  • I want to come!!! I'd love to meet all of you all together!! I love Ribs Chris!! Yummy!! I'm going to try to get hubby to come too! :-)

  • Be great to have you both there!! :-)

    Just look out for the stream I start and just add your own blogs......It`s fun!

    See you there :-)

  • i would love that also,meet everyone.but i dont even no were it is?

  • Hi Abbie :-)

    Its an online party......just look for the stream I`ll start then just add your own blogs to it......It`s fun! :-)

    Andy x

  • how far are you from Arizona....USA ???? :-) don't think my little Prius will make just go ahead and party without me.........I will toast you at midnight my time.!!!!!

  • Hi Jaynie :-)

    LOL :-D yeah think its a little far for your Prius!

    Thats the problem with the time differences isn`t it?.....In Arizona you must be 7 or 8hrs behind the UK

    Look out for the stream I start and add your own blogs matter what the time.

    Hey but wouldnt it be fantastic if we could all meet up in person sometime! :-) Now that would be a party!!!

  • that would be truly amazing ... :-D

  • The UK is 8 hrs ahead of AZ.

  • If only :)

  • The UK is 8 hrs ahead of us. I'm in SanTan Valley near Queen Creek.

  • Hi And

    Ta 4 thneparty

    Lol Jill


  • My pleasure Jill ;-)

    Andy xx

  • no - thank you !!

  • Hi Jill.

    Sorry not to be able to join you on Saturday but am away this weekend. Hope the move went well and that you are managing to sort out the boxes. Enjoy and will be in touch soon.Lol

    Sue :-)

  • Hi Andy.

    Afraid you will have to party without me. How will you manage!! I am away this weekend so will reluctantly have to miss it. I am really disappointed as it is for Jill's move and I would have loved to have been with you all. Never mind, I will have a small drink and think about you all partying.

    Have a drink, or two, for me.

    Sue :-)

  • Hi Sue :-)

    Not a problem, enjoy your weekend :-)

    I`m sure it wont be long before the next party :-)

    Andy :-)

  • Hi Andy,

    I'm new can I come along. Sounds like great fun. Will have to jump on an early ferry across the Irish Sea. I'll go any where for a good night.


  • Hi Goof :-)

    Welcome to this site.

    Its an online party, I will start a stream and everybody contributes blogs on that one stream...jokes, stories, anecdotes etc...general chit chat......everybody has alot of fun!! :-)

    I am your genial "host" for the evening so look out for my are more than welcome.......everybody benefits from my good old fashioned Yorkshire hospitality and sense of humour :-)

    See you on there!!

    Andy :-)

  • I don't mind partying at noon New York time. I'll try to get the blog on my blackberry and send a picture!

  • YAY!! :-)

    see you there! If its 8pm in the UK then it will be 3pm in New York :-)

    I`ve got a blackberry I wonder if BBM messages are free between the USA and UK

  • perfect.

    I don't have an international phone plan. But I can find out if that applies to BBM . That would be fun

  • I am sooooooo ready to party :))

  • Get ya dancin shoes on girl ;-)

  • boo hoo, got party shoes and party hat, and no place to go...........

    can we set up our cameras on the could pretend I am there and I could sit and watch......LOL, I won't eat much and promise to keep quiet except when I start to sing, which I do when I drink............

    sooooooooooo be prepared...... :-)

  • LMAO :-D

  • if there s room for a small one id love to join you all

  • Never been to an on-line party - looking forward to it. I need cheering up. Thanks Andy.

  • I am ready to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am also ready to cheer everyone up....especially if you get me singing.

    OKAY, NAME THE TIME AND DAY AGAIN......... I want to be dressed and ready, dancing shoes and all......................

  • PS.... I don't drink much, and I am a very slow drinker..........guess I should start now>>>>>>>????????

  • hate drinking alone....actually have never done tht before. oh well................

  • Hiall

    The party is on sat ie may 19th

    Lol Jill


  • Party on Parkies,

    so whats the dress code this time?

    ill be there , but i might have to nick out now and again ,ill set up a play list , any theme in mind?


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