My father having to surrender his driving license because of parkinsons - advice on help?

My 76 year old Father is due to surrender his driving license very soon as his PD has got worse. He lives by himself and his lives 20 minutes away from any doctors or shops. when he looses his independence, is there any help I can get set up for him, to make sure he gets his prescription, and can be seen by a doctor for check ups. I help and look after him as much as I can whilst being at uni and having other commitments, I am only 23, just leaving uni and going into full time work soon - I am not sure what to do, he is very stubborn for giving into getting any social care too! any advice on what help there is I could get?

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  • Well i know how he feels...they had my licence revoked and i was only 60..let me tell you something make sure you get him s driver...nothing worse than callin 20or 30 so called friends and askin them for a ride...his family same thing everyone talks we will be there bs...get him a driver...let them use his car..paid the tags and insurance...but when he needs a ride be there 20 mins before........very important....i knowi cant get a ride it is a pain in the ys BillyRay

  • In our area all the local pharmacists pick up repeat prescriptions from the doctor's surgery (soon to get them electronically!) and will then deliver them. Your dad should look into this as at least this would mean that he got all his regular medication sent direct to him at home.

  • Yes I a have heard its going to become electronically. Well I will have to do all the setting up of this for him as for him to arrange something like this would be massively difficult, he cant be organised since he has been ill. Are you talking about the UK we can get that help?

  • Yes indeed, we are in the UK - Surrey/Hants border. It could be worthwhile for you to try and find out if there is a Parkinson's Nurse in the area where your father lives. If so, they could probably give advice on what other things could be done to help. For example in our area they provide group sessions at the community hospital in Farnham, and out of that has grown an informal of PD patients and their carers who meet up once a month for lunch, tea or a local visit and a natter.

  • Brilliant, I actually live in Surrey myself between dorking and Guildford. I will have to have a chat with him. He has turned into a huge recluse since he has been getting worse, so its near impossible to encourage him to attend those informal meetings and groups. How is it I can track down a parkinsons nurse, I am sure there are some in the local area.

  • Tessa Bennett is the Parkinson's Nurse for Guildford, so she might cover where you live. Her number is 01483 783481. If she is not the right person, she may be able to advise you of the correct contact. Also, it is worth joining Parkinson's UK if you are not already a member. They have ISW's (Information Support Workers) to cover everywhere. The ISW for Surrey is Susan Stewart on 0844 2254 3669 and the Parkinson's UK Helpline (0930 to 1730 weekdays) is on 0808 800 0303. It's only £4 pa to join Parkinson's UK, and well worth it for the support they can offer.

  • Brilliant, thanks so much for your help!I will get onto it! :)

  • Just one more thing I've though of. Does your father get Attendance Allowance? If not, it is not means tested and not taxed, and could be useful to pay for a bit of extra help. If you do get in touch with the ISW, ask her about it - one of the things they do is help you complete all the paperwork.

  • Tell your dad that there is always someone worse off than he, I had to stop driving 2 years ago at age 45. You have to make adjustments but easier than having to adjust to having had killed or seriously injuring yourself or God forbid someone else because you should not have been operating a vehicle. Most PwP don't realize the legal issues that can come up if you involved in an auto accident. Some of us, myself being one have diminished reflexes and cannot react fast enough in a emergency reaction response time to avoid an accident just as much as if you were under the influence of alcohol. A good lawyer would tear you to pieces in a court of law. In our sue happy world we live in today, you have to think of theses scenarios. Food for thought, but 99.999% would not freely give back their license.


  • Thanks for the response! Yes has realised for a while he has to give it up at some point, if I am honest I hope he has to as I can't be in the car with him any more and I would say he is a risk on the road (he literally just drives to the nearest farm shop down the road and that's it, but still its dangerous!), whenever I am free I go see him and do shopping for him and take him to the doctors etc, but its just going to impossible for me. He lost his brother, my uncle in December who lives few doors down from him, who if still around would have my mind at ease, as he could drive and take him to doctors and shops if he needed. I don't know what to do, I have been sole carer for my dad since I was 16, and found it hard to get through college and uni at times as I have had to drop everything at times and the stress has made me ill before (I would do anything for my dad, he comes before me!) - I am just worried about starting work full time again and not having enough time to look out for him, and I need my own free time and space to do things. I can see there is a lot of help out there, but I don't know where to start - also my father is extremely stubborn and proud, so its so hard to get him to accept help and things! Yet he still wants to not be burden and let me be free to do what I want... its difficult as he is contradicting himself all the time on the subject of help and what he wants for me! ideal world, I would be happy having his medication delivered, someone checking up on him now and then when I cant, and helping him when I am not around

  • My husband had to report his PD to the DVLA,and was advised by his doctor not to drive,but accepted a asessment driving test,and passed ok,it last for 1yr,and then has to have another medical etc.

  • yeah, this looks like what my father will have to do. I don't think he would pass the assessment even if he had it, his Doctor said its unlikely as well. Its a shame for him as he has been driving for over 50 years now and never been without a car. I have been in touch with local authorities at the moment and getting all the information together to make some plan of action to make sure he can still get to where he needs to. Thanks for your response!

  • Does your Chemist not deliver prescriptions,most of them do,and if your Father cant get to the doctors,then the doctor should come to him,speak to both the chemist and the doctor

  • The assessment was ok,you dont have to do the theory,just drive around with a examiner

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