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I find I can control my tremor

It is about 6 years since I was diagnosed and my tremor is now in my right arm and leg, only to be expected I know that. At the moment, as directed by my Parkinsons nurse, I am experimenting with taking my meds at different times and sometimes before, sometimes with and other times after food. Sometimes Stalevo and Requip XL together and sometimes at different times. Not a lot of success so far.

However, I have found that if I can completely relax and concentrate, I am able to stop my tremors. Although they start again if my situation alters. I have always been able to do this, and have no idea why. Sure I am not alone in being able to do this, but I would love to know why it works.

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Hi Court , you are not alone..............i can do this too . I'm sure there's been some research done at Cardiff which involved putting PD patients in a CAT Scan and making them concentrate on using parts of the brain that control movement by showing them where it is on the scan (while they are being scanned) it showed positive results - but they couldn't explain why !!!

I practice tai chi which is also teaching me how to control my body - it works !!

But nobody knows why !!!


That's very interesting. I did not realise it had been studied. Am sure the results would be interesting. Wonder if we could retrain our brains to respond to different signals.

I do yoga for my balance. Keep meaning to try tai chi. but my first atteempts were non events, as I could not folloiw the DVD. Must persevere.


Grreat stuff mind over matter!

I have used it with pain in the past but not do much in the present

Too much else to get my head around

Lol Jill



Hi Jill.

How are you doing? Are you still moving is it tomorrow? Hope you will feel more settled once this is over. Look after yourself and try to keep positive.

Lol Sue



If I meditate I can decrease or stop my tremors. But if I let nonmeditative thoughts enter my mind, they start up again. What can I say, except it is not practical to meditate during all my waking hours.


I do not meditate but concentrate on my tremor. Like you, if other thoughts enter my mind, the tremor starts. Wondering if it is possible to retrain my brain to stop tremor. People with brain damage are able to retrain their brains.

On second thoughts, it sounds too complicated, but will continue with thought process.


My tremor (left arm) has a major emotional component. Stressful situations trigger it, from arguments to action movies.


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