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PD and ME

There's this part of me

that is PD...

Was there a me

that was meant to be,

without PD?

Well, I am sure I do not know,

but everywhere I go,

PD takes the trip with me.

And I have this vivid memory,

Oh yes, oh yes , oh yessirree!

I do remember when I could really write,

and do so without being all uptight ,

(or so full of fright!)

My hand would go where I told it to go,

And it was very easy to tie a bow!

But alas alack, it is to be, and I still am ME,

even though I have PD!


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Nothing was ever easy for me, even opening a can. But just as I was getting good at a few things, PD came along to make all things harder. Be even more mindful, I guess, is my lesson. :D


Yes, PatV!

Being more mindful is a very important lesson indeed! And in general.............................

But, having PD has made it imperative!



I love that one, a twist of emotion a twist of fun thanks xx


Sure that is so true how I feel. Thanx JamellinGrimaldi


you are a younger person I bet....i'm 71 and have to exit sooner or later. so I see it more as a calling card, call to put my affaires in order.


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