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I find myself weakening in this fight. My meds aren't working as well as I want them to. I'm 15 years into this disease and it's getting old..just like me, 62 years of age and the PD makes me feel 100. On days, I get maybe 4 hrs, sometime 2. Off days, I hold down my recliner and surf the web, lotz.

My uncle rototilled me a garden area to plant veggies. Everyone is grumbling because they might have to help me weed it but I plan on becoming one with the garden if I have to crawl around in it. I have to do something or give in to this disease. Let them feel embarassed when people see me becoming one with the dirt. I never ask for help...ever!

I'm angry because it's bad enough to not be able to do things and nlow I have people trying to get in my way too!!! I wish they could understand and just get out of my way to live my life the best I can.

Obviously, I'm having a bad day!

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Bless you it's ok to have bad days.

We're the same age and although I'm 7 years into Parkinson's. I think I've had it for 15 years. I refuse to let this challenge get me down or get in the way of having fun (when I have enough energy to do so). Sure I get depressed, I drop things, my hand shakes, I wake up at night, and I get cranky.

Being in my garden, no mater how slow I am makes me feel better. Keep it up and I hope you have many more happy and sunny days.

Your Parkie Sister,



Thanks Bette, I went out to the farm and looked at my garden area. It looks good. While I there I helped my Uncle Tom put a tire on a rim. I used to hang out with my uncles doing things like that when I was young. Many fond memories!

Thank you for your encouragement!



I am so sorry that you are having a bad day. Have you ever thought about Deep Brain Stimulation? It has helped me alot.



Those bad days are discouraging for sure. Have had a few of those lately. Seeing things that need to be done and not being able to stay on top of them !

There's a word for that but I 'll refrain from using

I have an area around our home that is also being rototilled. I wanted to put a flower bed there. I am hoping I will be up to it. Perhaps we can keep in touch to hear how each other's garden is doing.

I know you are going to enjoy getting in that dirt!


Anyone who refuses to help you with your garden should be directed to the children's book/moral "the little red hen." We teach our children to help one another. . .shame on those who complain about your garden! I'm digging in the dirt right next to you!


I'm so jealous you have a garden. Dig away. I've been having a crisis but was saved by having a walking trainer as part of my parkie classes. Now I've found I can walk a long distances especially if someone is with me and my walker. But in my mind I'm housebound. And my daughter has told me "don't call me unless it's an emergency" Well she has a TBI but still hurts. WTF is an emergency anyway? Oh well thanks for venting and letting me sound off too. If you post pictures of your garden, I'd be happy ! good luck


Venting is important..I don't do it enough. Join the fun and get the monkey of your back. Ask your daughter "WTF the is an emergency?" Maybe she's got a monkey on her back? I absoutely hate people unwilling to give help. Usually it's something minor to them but major to you. I've always been a loner and don't have much use for most people but if they need help I give whatever I can to help.and not expect anything in return. I would like meetings for the disabled around here but it's a small community. This blog site is all I have for support and I'm so happy to hear from you.


Have you considered a dog? Mine pushes me to get up to speed when we walk, and I end up pushig him a little at the end.


I have a dog, Sammie. She's a great dog and we love to go walking. Lately my legs haven't been working too well so the walking isn't as often. It makes us sad. I'm thinking about a quad so she can run along side. She's my constant companion.


Hi Pat, nice to know you have a walking trainer. I don't have Parkinson's but, I am an Exercise Therapist specializing in Parkinson's. I have walked and stretched many Parkies. I have shared in their joys and in their struggles. I love what I do and wouldn't have it any other way, only that I wish I could do more. So, I commend all of you for trying to find something positive to do in a not so good situation.



hi lupi- I am more or less the same age... and have similar symptoms- longer OFF S anxieity, depression, slow slow almost one third of a day- I think that it is the most difficult of all things we have to deal with.... sometimes I just sit around - and stare into space. I do occasionally get myself going mostly the Movie Channel on

tV' I loved to read, but cannot concentrate too long, nor see as clearly - I did have cataract surgery which helped some.

l I cannot travel alone, nor drive any longer. I amj retired - a teacher of languages for over ten years; What a shame that I had to waste such a precious period of time.!

but, I still hang on to the positive experiences - my daujghter's wedding and now gra ndchildren ( twins) due in a few days' Hang on and you will certainly have have some good times in the years to come aanimals are always good companions. I have cats, and they are extremely funny and loyal . They don' always get good reviews, but I think that they have a lot to offer!

Enjoy the spring and your garden. If you live in USA East coast the weather has been perfect.




My responses and comments are right above;

Am I doing something wrong, I had another problem earlier.

Let me know becaus this site is really a wonderful help and

hopeful to all of us here.

all the best for now, and the bad days will not interfere with your garden.

Can this site do Photos? thaet would be great!



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