Parkinson's Movement



woven together by a thread of grief

Do we pass one another? Are you one of us?

I watch you stutter step into the market

And I wonder.

Are you like me?


stitched into stone

Are you near me? Is that you?

I see you fighting with your wallet

Pay the clerk already!

I want to shout!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

She’s just like me! Christ! Leave her be!


Hemmed in the edge of this graceful movable world

Are you close to me?

I see your determined masked expression

Careful! Careful! Don’t fall!

I silently plead, as I see you step off that curb

off our world

And into theirs.


Are you in this crowd? Would I know you if you stood next to me?

My world shrinks

And I watch and wonder

Are you with me?

5 Replies

You are very talented so descriptive. I feel I now can recognise people with PD and often wonder why it takes some people an age to get a diagnosis. Take care x


I love this! thanks


Thanks, very descriptive.


This is a great one. I have found that since my diagnosis I look at strangers differently. We never know what someone is dealing with, do we? Love your poems...thanks for sharing them.


Thanks for all of your comments. I'd like to believe I've always had empathy toward others. Now as a PWP I see the me in others and feel the others in me. . . What a way to experience empathy though!


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