I hate being ill

I am defined

By the disease

That invades

My body

And counted out

Way before I

Even take my

Last breath

I hate being ill

The fights have

Become one-sided

No one wants to

Pick a fight with

A sick person

And they certainly

Don’t want to be

The creep that

Wins one!

I hate being ill

Everything I say

Or do

Seems to scrutinized

By family, friends,

People I don’t

even know but

Who have an

Opinion on my life

Boasting a

“cure for what ails you”.

I hate being ill,

To admit

That I need help

Forced to speak aloud

The problems I blame

on Parkinson’s Disease,

Unable to do some of

The simplest things

I hate being ill

I swear that the shredded

Cheese packages are

Impossible to open

And the caps on

2 liter soda bottles

Are put on with

A pneumatic tool

And my sweater,

I just can’t seem

to stop putting it on

Upside down, inside out

And all buttoned up wrong.

I hate being ill

Being defined by

My disease

Accepting the


That life has

Started in my


My mind

Cleaned and oiled


To protect the


From the rust

That corrodes

Halting any


Needing to

Get through.

Stopped short

A blank expression

Fills my face.

I hate being ill.

It fills me up

Stealing from me

The essence of

Who I am

Moments filled

With memories

Gone with another

Piece of me.

Forever lost.

I hate being ill.


24 Replies

  • Jane

    Your poetry really,gets to,the heart of it

    I,shave been in such a weepy mood and its did make me wail a bit more

    Keep ur chin up

    Lol Jill

  • You are hurting but very talented. take care

  • We are all aware of the negatives. Perhaps you can use your obvious talent to express the positives?

  • Hi,

    Poetry is my form of expression. I have written many positive poems, check out my other blogs, but I cannot be positive all the time. We all need time to grieve, to cry...

  • Hi Jane

    I agree

    We all Have a negative side

    Mine has been to the fore with my impending move and the frustration go not being able to speak coherently or do physical things to help

    lol Jill


  • hi jill

    so sorry you are having to still go thru the mill - i know what yiu mean adbout not being able to do anything to help - it makes me feel so useless

    xxx take care xxx

  • You and I must have been in the same frame of mind when you wrote this. I had a bad Parkie day on Saturday. I finally shook it off after clicking on the Parkinson's Humor website. YumaBev always makes me laugh. If you haven't already, check out her website...It will lift your spirits. I always enjoy your poetry. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • I know how you feel, believe me I do. I just had a terrible weekend not being able to do the simplest of things. Exhausted and stiff , pain everywhere. But today i am going to get up, brush myself off, and hope for a better day.,and try again not to be defined by this illness.

    I am planning on being successful !

    Thankyou for a thought provoking expression of feelings, I hope you feel better....today!!!!!

  • Hi Mcshee

    I have replied to Andy,s blog in a negative way

    Lol Jill

  • Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling for 6 years. I sometimes think I am alone on an island. Not that I'm glad to know I have company...but to know that I'm not a freak...and that there are others is somewhat comforting.

  • We all feel that way if we are honest. Pray........and do not give up.

  • Being able to purge my feeling through my poetry helps me tremendously to never give up!

  • I write poetry also and it helps. You can read one of my poems if you go to archives and look under my name. Do you live in Jupiter Fl?

  • No, I live in Springfield, Missouri by way of Cincinnati, Ohio. I'd love to check out your poetry! Thanks!

  • Beautiful poetry!!! And it gets right to the point! I think all of us feel that way to some degree at one time or another. Thank you for putting it into words.

  • Hate is a strong emotion. It takes strength to put your thoughts together in a coherent manner. jupiterjane, you are strong. Even if the blinkin' packaging defeats you. As it does me--damn. I try to find humor in some of these situations. The spills, the clumsiness. We look like an apathetic bunch,but give us a chance to express ourselves--look out!

  • RIGHT''''''''''''' WATCH OUT!!!!!!

  • Right now, this moment, I am with the you who wrote this piece.

    Not later, I hope, but right now. Ugh.

    Thanks. Believe you are better right now.


  • Keep writing?..get it out!

  • We all hate this disease,however I have found the more negative the worse you feel, try to do something different you will find when you put it aside it seems to temporarily go away,try it it works!

  • Like I told MagicMax earlier,

    "Poetry is my form of expression. I have written many positive poems, check out my other blogs, but I cannot be positive all the time. We all need time to grieve, to cry...", but Thank You for your thoughts!

  • You never disappoint and put into words what so many of us feel. This illness is so cruel and we are all entitled to have 'off' days. I know I do. You make good reading whether you are up or down. Please continue to let us share your thoughts.


    Sue :-)

  • hear hear court

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