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I am lying in my sick bed


Husband very kindly passed stomach bug on to me. The upside is that I have lost 5lbs in weight since yesterday evening. Then to make matters worse, my long awaited appointment with my new Consultant on Wednesday, turns out to be with Specialist Nurse.

As I was unwell when phoned, I took the wrong decision and should have taken appointment offered with Consultant for June. Trying to amend appointment, but no one answering phone.

Just wanted to share the fact that I am feeling very sorry for myself at the moment, especially as tablets for tremor are not having time to take effect between bouts of sickness.

Take no notice of me, will hopefully be back to my annoying self tomorrow.

Just feel a bit better for sharing my woes. Please ignore me.


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OK Sue who?

Oh Sue (Court), do take care of yourself. My husband came down with a bacterial pneumonia two weeks ago. Need I say more? This wonderful man who has taken such good care of me is banned to our guest room! The doc is worried that he will pass it on to me. So far, no syptoms. Do let us know how you are doing. Love and hugs, jenny

Court in reply to JennyR

.Gosh, you are having a rough time at the moment. Still feeling rough tonight, but hey tomorrow is another day.

Thanks for your message. Do take care. I think people on this site are wonderful - especially putting up with me moaning.

Lol Sue

Need a Nurse Anyone !

Court in reply to gazelleuk

Yes please - this is exactly what I could do with.

Awww bless you Sue :-) Well I hope ( as I`m sure everyone on here also does ) you get well real soon.....Hey we`re all entitled to feel sorry for ourselves every now and then....Anyway heres a couple of my bad jokes to hopefully cheer you up :-)

A man walks into a butchers and asks "Have you got a sheeps head?" to which the butcher replied "No sir it`s just the way I part my hair!!" :-D

Quasimodo walks into a bar and orders a whisky...the barman asks "Bells alright sir?" to which quasimodo replies "Mind your own f***ing business!!" :-D

Hope they made you chuckle :-)

Take care :-)

Andy xx

Court in reply to AndyC

Thanks Andy.

You really cheered me up and I appreciate your jokes. This bug has knocked my meds for six. Hope things are ok with you.

AndyC in reply to Court

I got made redundant today but other than that I`m ok, I`m determined not to let things get me down, I`ll bounce back :-)

You take care and I`m glad my jokes cheered you up :-)

Sending you a big Hug to make you feel better

Court in reply to AndyC

How on earth did this happen? Is it to do with your Parkinsons? Last I heard you were going to be given a non driving job. Don't give up, I only hope you manage to find something else. Have you any thoughts on what you are going to do?

I am so sorry because I know your job suited you. Did this come out of the blue?

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are. Don't let the bas***ds grind you down. You have so much to offer. You would make a good DJ or party organiser!

Take care.

Sue :-)

AndyC in reply to Court

I suspect it was to do with my PD. They originally told me i couldnt do escorting duties or support work until they`d had a medical report from my GP, which they subsequently recieved....then my boss said he was passing the details on to his legal team and was awaiting their reply......whilst I was awaiting an answer they had put me on "light duties" i.e. cleaning duties!!. yesterday afternoon (mon) i got called into bosses office to be told that "sorry but I`m going to have to let you go" stating that they were getting rid of the minibuses and that there were no vacancies for any more support workers as they were fully staffed (in other words enough staff to cover the number of students coming to the centre) and that they werent even going to keep me on light duties. So yesterday was my last day!! Sorry to ramble on. Anyway I will not let the Bas***ds grind me down and i will keep my chin up :-).

I`ve got an appointment at the jobcentre on Thursday to claim unemployment benefit plus Housing and Council Tax benefit.....bills gotta be paid!!

And I`m going to the Citizens Advice on Thurs also to get more advice on claiming for unfair dismissal etc etc..........Oh and I`m gonna contact my union for advice also

Right enough doom and gloom from me!! I hope ypu are feeling better :-) and heres another joke to cheer you up:

A White Horse walks into a bar and asks for a whisky, the barman says "hey we`ve got a whisky named after you!" to which the horse replies "What? Kevin?" :-)

Take care :-)

Andy xx

Hidden in reply to AndyC

So sorry to hear this Andy - hope you find something really soon xx

AndyC in reply to Hidden

Thanks I`m sure I will xx

shasha in reply to AndyC

hope you are taking them to the tribunal andy - so sorry to hear your news but dont give up that is uness it suits you finanCIALY TO DO SO

AndyC in reply to shasha

I`m gonna see Citizens Advice on Thurs morning first thing to get advice etc and I`ve also got an appt at the jobcentre on Thurs afternoon to claim unemployment benefit plus housing and council tax benefit....I gotta live and bills still need paying!


Keep up the positive attitude Andy!! Rooting for ya!


Hi Andy!

Laughter IS the best medicine, and how I cope with this thing! kEEP LAUGHING FOLKS! I cry a lot over this, but ya gotta come out the other side with a good laugh! This site is great for sharing woes and we know we are not alone!

But keep those funny jokes coming Andy!



Sue, Sorry about your illness, hope you are better soon. As for your Consultant appointment, I guess there is a down-side to having a popular consultant. You end up asking all those questions you've been saving to a nurse.

Get well!!

Court in reply to ronn

Will go for appointment with the nurse as I need to get my meds sorted out. Was offered an appointment with Consultant for June, but had to leave the phone and there has not been an answer from the number all day.

Such is life. Hopefully, will get to see consultant in another six months.The nurse, as you say, will get all my questions. Thanks for your message,

Sue I always see a nurse specialist, not seen my neuro for years,The PD nurse is the gold standard of care,if your fortunate enough to have one,Good luck Sue be positive not disapointed,honestly its not a bad thing the PD nurse best thing to be introduced since levadopa.Hope your feeling better today

Court in reply to Balderdash

Thanks. I am a bit better today. Hope I am ok for appointment with nurse tomorrow. I agree that the PD nurses are wonderful. My only thought is that my original nurse, who I had a lot of contact with, has a new job and have had little or no contact with the remaining nurse. Still, it is up to me to build up a new relationship with her. My husband says that my main problem is that I don't like change.



Hope you are on the ment sue xx

Oh dear, some frustrating horrible things happening out there, I have not been online for a few days as been working nights. Hope you are all feeling a bit stronger, by now. take care. try not to let it all get you down. Andy sorry about your job, but you do keep smiling, how do you get that little facismile I seem to have lost mine xx

AndyC in reply to Carrigan

Hi Carrigan

Thanks I`m not gonna let things get me down...my chin is still held high! :-)

I`m sure I will get a job soon enough.

Ok to do a facismile press : then - then ) thus :-) or for a laugh follow first 2 steps followed by a D thus :-D to do a wink is ; - ) ;-)

Take care xx

dear su . so sorry to hear you are unwell but on the mend - hope the nurse appt goes well - i am sure you will be repoting back !!

Hi sue

Chin up as they say

And all,your questions shouled,be paseo on to

the conslant anyway

Take care

Lol Jill


PatV in reply to jillannf6

Jill is right, I find the nurse physician very very helpful but all should be reported to consultant. DOn't know how it works there, but once in a while I demand to hear back from him :D

Court in reply to jillannf6

I am not sure if it works this way. I always thought that my file was updated with my comments and read by the consultant if, or when, she saw me. I can't think that the consultant has time to follow everyone's progress. Maybe this is not the case. Another question!!

Lol Sue


I hope you are feeling better Sue.

Court in reply to tlongmire

Much better than I was, thanks. But still feeling very sick, not eating and very tired. As you can probably gather I am also feeling sorry for myself. Need to buck my ideas up as I have one grandaughter for a sleepover tonight and both of them for the day tomorrow. Think depression must be part of the bug, so must pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again.

Determined to make my hospital appointment today as I was last there in November 2011 and think meds need updating.

tlongmire in reply to Court

Hope you are feeling better soon. Nothing worse than being sick. Have a good visit with your granddaughter and your doctor. :-)

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