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THE WEEKEND GANG....Replacing movie names with the word JAM

Hi everyone! :-)

Yippeeeeee its the weekend again!! :-) I`m seeing my 3 kids as usual tomorrow :-)

Here`s a bit of weekend fun for you: :-)

Think of a Movie name or TV Programme and replace part of it with the word "JAM"

Here`s a couple for starters: :-)

The Shawshank Jam

The Green Jam

Saving Private Jam

Hope everyone has fun with it and lets see how many we can come up with before Monday :-)


Andy xx

20 Replies

Jambusters, From here to Jam. Upstairs Jamstairs. sorry not much though there have a good weekend


Jam with the wind,a jam to far, wilde jam, jam sissor hands, burke and jam, bridge over the river jam,ferris buelers day jam, alice in jam land,the jungle jam,

Am Back



Last of the Summer jam, From jam to Eternity. Midnight jamboy. The Antiques Road jam. The Graham jam show. Come jam with me.

Sure will think of some more. Enjoy your weekend.

Sue :-)


The girl with the jam tattoo, four in a jam, love and other jams, crazy stupid jam, celebrity jam, pierce Morgan's life jams, Jeremy jam, loose jam. I could go on all night - and I may do....... Have a good weekend xx


Some nostalgia TV :: Jamanory, Magic Jamabout, Camberwick Jam ......

How about the 'Band' name game .... take the colour of your underwear and the last thing you ate mines Pink Pear !!!



hi ~Andy

i cannot think fo any films at all?

so what is the matter iwht me??

Some like it Jam; GOne with the Jam

please ;lay this game withe your kids when you see thejm today

htey will htink i t cool.

:LOl Jill



HI again

not doing too much this weekend as have ot be out of my flat on MONDAY

But the flat downstairs willl nto be habitable for another 2 weeks so have to "go on holiday" to the local pub!

rally it is a complete pain and i am notdealing with it at all well-

fallign over too much / crying buckets /on a short fuse and taking everythign personally

lol JIll


So sorry you are having to deal with this Jill. Moving is bad enough but not to be able to go straight to the new place SUCKS! Try to have a good weekend. xo


Hey there's some great ones there!! :-D let's keep em coming! Here's a couple more for ya: Terminator 3 Rise of the Jam. Beverley Hills Jam. The Good The Bad And The Jam. A fistful of Jam. For a few Jam more. War of the Jam.

And Jill u hang in there, stay strong, it will all come good in the end....and hey the pub aint such a bad place to "go on holiday" lmao :-D Plus u gotta load of friends on here to cheer u up!! :-)

Take care n keep those names comin! :-)

Andy xx


In reply to Henderson Heywood my band name would be "Black Kebab" ;-)


Ha ha, mine would be "cream curry" lol


Good game as Bruce Forsyth would say - my contributions:

"Jam Wars"

"Willy Wonka and the Jam Factory"

"Jam - the FInal Frontier"

"The Jam ALways Rings Twice"

"Lord of the Jams"

And the 'Band' suggestion - Purple Soup (yeuch!)


Jam to the Future


lol red macaroni.....was feeling bit low but as usual reading everyones posts cheered me up. thanks x


Some like it Jam......Dirty Jam.....The Big Jam Theory.....Cape Jam.....Apollo Jam.....

The Good The Bad and the Jam....SuperJam.....SpiderJam

Hope everyone has a great Sunday :-)


Jam Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest...............Midnight Jamboy............The Great Jam............ Hello Jammy!

And this morning it's Blue Scrambled Eggs!


When Harry met Jam.....Sleepless in Jam.....You've got Jam

And my current band name: Commando Cornflakes ;-) LMAO :-D


Been a good weekend - just going to indulge in childish fantasies and watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Jam. Have enjoyed the Jam and Band banter - good on you Andy for keeping us all going.

Today's achievement - built up a greenhouse with my nearest and dearest

( glass still to go in) - despite yesterday's unseasonal and unwelcome snow.


good job ya not here in Sheffield, we`ve got torrential rain and high winds all day!!! and its now turning very foggy......dont ya just love spring? lol :-)

Heres a couple more film / TV titles: Back to the Jam.....Gone with the Jam...From here to Jam.....and a TV Title: The Big Bang Jam :-)


Dark Jam


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