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its so hard to live with!!!

14 years on from being diagnosed, the thing that gets me most is the unpredictability of the disease. you can go out feeling fine and hardly be able to walk home. apormorphine was offered to me on trial and i was so excited to think i could inject myself and be fine for an hour. it didnt turn ouut the way i expected. i could not tolerate the apormorphine and therefore an back on just tablets. i saw a ray of hope and im sure there will be many more rays of hope for us all and one day..... maybe one day we may be pd free.....for an hour or so at least!!!!

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We hope that by bringing people together through this site to focus on how we can all work together for a cure, we might get there, just that bit faster. have you any experience of Parkinson's and the gut?


I had a similar experience. My walking was getting worse, more and more shuffling and being unable to move. My drugs were wearing out after two hours and then I counted the next 120 minutes, minute by minute. When I was offered the pen I thought this would span the two hours but alas it lasted less than an hour more like half an hour and made me increasingly nauseous. I stopped injecting myself (I discussed it with my PDNS first).


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