Parkinson's Movement

Voodoo Doll?

I love someone who has Parkinsons. Reading your posts and watching this diabolically clever disease it seems to me that having Parkinsons is like having someone nasty make a Voodoo Doll of you.

The Witch doctor who owns your doll makes it kick its legs and shakes the doll. When you ,the patient, go to your Neurologist for medicine to help the shaking and kicking.the Witch Doctor gets mad and sticks needles in the dolls stomach and head. When you take medication to try to stop this pain, the Voodoo Doctor binds the dolls legs and arms tightly with wire to make your limbs unresponsive and painful. When you try to exercise to make your limbs move, the evil witch Doctor starts to choke the doll.....

...and the really frustrating part must be that it is almost impossible to pin point why these symptoms appear one day out of the blue...why things get better or worse from day to day.

It looks like Voodoo to me.....

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Good observation! Believe me it has frustrated everyone here at one time or another as well!


Love your analogy. I have a menopause doll. Maybe we should make and sell PD dolls LOL.


Medication can be VooDoo , or DooDoo medicine!~



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