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Figured it was time to introduce myself: I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006. It’s on my right side, tremor in right hand, small handwriting, and bradykinesia with right hand, stiff shoulder, and arm muscle always tight. I’m a registered dental hygienist, and like so many here, Parkinson has stepped in and announced its time to take something from you; so last year, I had to give up my hygiene work and piano playing. I understand there will be someone who cannot understand why in the world anyone would be a hygienist, and that’s ok;LOL I call myself a hygiene “geek” because I loved my job! So I’m working from home doing some writing and webinar; I held a webinar (a 101 about Parkinson’s) a few weeks ago for the dental profession, so I’m staying busy and enjoying reading the blogs. I’m having a problem downloading my picture, any tips? Thanks for reading, Carla Gantz, RDH

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the tip for downloading a photo is email the office and they will tell you what to do

then they will ask you to email them a photo and hey presto - you are on line



thanks Shasha!


no problem - nice to see you !


hi good to have you on the iste

i had to giv eyp my piano playing but still sing in a local group and pick otu the tunes on the keyboard

ifyou go to your

about me it is quite easyt to pos ta photo on your blog (btu nto so easy to change)

lol JIll



Welcome, the more the merrier. I hope you will find this website as helpful and hopeful as I have.


Hi Carla,this is a wonderful site. I have learned so much on this. I too was diagonosed 2006. I am retired . I do not have tremors I have stifness and my legs get stiff when my meds oare off.I try to exercise all I can. I am also doing a therapy for PD.


Welcome carlajane! I hope you will benefit from this sight as much as I have. It has been a godsend.


Welcome Carlajane,

You couldn't have joined a better group! You will be amazed by the wonderful people you will get to know .

Also am having trouble posting a pic, if I figure it out , I'll fill you in. :) I am

Piano a little of that myself. still in the learning stages though. Awful thing about it is that after I learn to play something, which takes considerable time, I forget how to do it if I don't play it everyday and have to start all over again.

What is it that makes you unable to play? Have you been playing a long time?

Hope you don't mind me asking, it's been a lifelong dream of mine and I just started about two years ago. Not getting very far with it but still love it, very very much.

Someone mentioned hearing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" at a show they recently saw. They were moved by it at the time. I was astounded for I play that song frequently , and now I play it everyday , for us, all of us. Must sound silly, I know, but in some small way , it feels like I am acknowledging our plight.

I am a nurse, struggling to continue to be that is. Not giving up yet, sadly though I feel I will soon be forced to.

Anyway, I hope you'll excuse my all over the place rant! And again ...WELCOME!


it's my right hand that have the tremors, plus my fingers just don't move the way I need them to while playing; some days typing is same way, I have a hard time tapping my finger and thumb together (bradykinesia) been playing for nearly 40 years; some tips: try and play some every day, if it's just 10 minutes; and keep playing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for us.

Carla Jane


Welcome. I know you will enjoy and get a lot of good information from the people on this site.



Hi carlajane ;-)

Welcome to the site. I was dx in Oct 2011 at age 49 I have a tremor in my right hand.

You will find this site very helpful and we have a lot of fun too. There are poems, stories, jokes and anectdotes galore.....we even have online parties! Which can be a real blast!! :-D

Take care

Andy xx


Not only do we welcome newbies but we have a lot to say and advice to offer lol

two PD things got stirred as I started writing (hope I can remember what they are.) First my tremors are not visible, thry are internal. Anyone relate? I can feel as tho' I am a paint can on that mixer they use in the hardware store. But it does not (or hardly) shows. Someone always says you don't have tremors, do you. Well, yes.... It seems as tho' they're doubting that I have PD. I should be so lucky. The other is the facial "masking" It makes me look somber or even stern. Used to have one of these :-) The hard part is that folks do not know when I am kidding and I do kid, a lot. Sometimes I am pretty cynical and they try to answer seriously ugh, sigh.


Welcome carlajane, I am sure you will learn many helpful things. I have. Great people. No support group here in PA. (rural). I am 74 diagnosed in Sept. 2011. Tremor left side. Gone with Sinemet 4 a day. Unless I get very tired. Need cane to help with walking outside of house. Go to YW three times a week to do strength an exceriser at home daily. Mostly stretches an small muscles. Got a book I love named Delay The Disease by David Zid. God bless


Hello and Welcome!

You will find that people on this site are "warm and carring."

Thank heavens for this makes us "Parkies" feel normal.

God Bless!


Hi Carlajane...

I started having symptoms in 2003 ( slight tremor in left arm/hand), had a major episode in the summer of 2006, but wasn't diagnosed until April of 2007. I had been a worship minister for 25 years and played guitar & sang. I had to quit playing guitar, but I still sing, and I think my creative side has "blossomed" in the midst of PD winter, because I've been writing a lot of songs lately....I am new on this site also, but I add my welcome to all these others.


Hi. Welcome and thanks for your work with the dental profession. I have a hard time getting a good cleaning anymore as it is hard to be in the chair for the hour.

Good for you.


Hi Carlajane,

I'm new here also, I love this site though. I read it & relate to it all the time. I find it (actually the people) very helpful. It seems I can have a question, come to this site & find the answer from someone who relates.

Sherry (LLWWD)


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