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I am begging for help. My father is 89 and was diagnosed with Parkinsons last summer. Since going on carbo levodopa he has gotten worse. The first neurologist upped his dose quickly. The second lowered it. The third, a movement disorder specialist said she would very slowly raise it. He has been seeing her since the end of November. He went to see her today and the doctor took my mother aside and told her is is getting worse and that the medication is not helping. She said he will continue to get worse. She advised she seek placement for him in a nursing home. She said if the carbo levedopa does not work nothing will. The medication also seems to affect his mental status and he has expienced vivid dreams and some halluciantions. Last month she prescribed a small dose of serequil.

They live in a suberb of Chicago and I live in NY, which makes things more difficult. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Anyone have any doctors they recommend in this area?

He started LSVT BIG last week and seemed to be responding, so I has a little hopeful. On previous visits the doctor was also hopeful and kept saying he was not nearly on the dose he needed and that she would raise it slowly. And today all that changed. Any help will be appreciated.

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  • Hi I live in the Chicago area I go to Rush Hospital they have a excellent group of movement disorder doctors. When I went to the Mayo clinic to get my 2 opinion I went there in the morning with no meds taken yet . I would take 1 sinmet then they see how I'm doing they would countinue doing that till they know the right dosage . At the end they know I needed 1and half tablet every 2 hours .

    Hope this helps

  • Any particular doctor?

  • Dr . Cynthia Comella

    You can also go online Rush University Medical Center

    Make an appt. online


  • Where do they live . I'm in Streamwood

  • Morton Grove 60053

  • Where does he go now?

  • He is going to a movement specialist. I am reluctant to put her name on the website. Does this website have the ability to allow me to send you a private message?

  • Yes

  • I think I figured out how to send you a private message. I will send you her name.

  • Thank you. I participated in a webinar she gave this week. How hard is it to get an appt. with her? Cannot wait. It is urgent.

  • There are 8 good Drs there

  • is it hard to get an appt with her? does she have an email address?

  • I would make an appt online and call on Monday morning !

  • thanks. I will talk yo my mother tomorrow and do as you suggest. If you have any other thoughts that might help please let me know.

  • Good job! keep looking for a doctor with PD knowledge there aren't many but be assertive and pro-acitve. IF necessary call and speak to that doc one on one. THEywill leisten if you share all of this with them.. Most doctors don't know what is like to have to search and wait for an appointment. THey have never had to do that. Be assertive and respectful and let them know their expertise is needed. GOod luck!

  • No matter what, the most important thing in your dad's life right now is avoiding falls. That will be his biggest problem with balance being an issue and it only takes one fall at his age to be a life changer.

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