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Exercise Video

Right now I am doing LSVT therapy. Before that I used to go to an exercise class where they used a video by Leslie Sansone called Walk Away The Pounds. In the morning before my meds kick in I have trouble walking. This morning decided to try my video and was surprised to see that even tho I had trouble walking I could do the exercises..I think this could be helpful for some of us.

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I have my first LSVT therapy scheduled for next week.

I started using Leslie's Walk Away the Pounds 1 1/2 years ago. I am currently using Walk Away the Waist alternating with my XBox Connect. I started to feel much better since beginning to exercise.


i am commpletely ignroant or x boxes and wii

how do thye work;

what exercises do u do wiht them?

plz enlighten me

lol JIll



The Xbox Connect does not require any extra equipment.

I put the "Your Shape" disk into the Xbox. I just move my hand to tell it what exercise, game I want to play. It follows my movements and tells me when I am not doing the exercise correctly or how well I did or didn't do on the game.

You do not sit with a controller, you have to move your body to play the games.

It is fun to do with friends and family or alone.

The games I do, help me strengthen my arms and coordination. I like it because I can see progress I am making. There are exercises I can now do that I couldn't do before.

I end with Tie Chi for a cool down.

Exercise with some fun. :)



Prepare to work hard at LSVT it is quite intensive but it helps,By some miracle I could walk well this morning before my meds. I believe exercise is one of the keys to keeping us moving.Keep it up. I'm off to line dancing class this morning.


If you can do these exercises, it's likely that you can cycle. One hour, three times/ week at 80-90 rpm has been shown through research to lessen PD symptoms by 35%. More hours = more percent from my experience. check out


I just got a theracycle and I use it in the mornings for a few minutes.I am doing LSVT 4x a week. As soon as I am finished with that I am going to hit the cycle hard. Thanks for your advice I will have to work up to that time and speed.


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