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NPF mourns the loss of Dick Clark,

I am grateful for their requests that donations go to the NPF.

NPF mourns the loss of Dick Clark, a longtime friend of the Foundation. Dick, whose father had Parkinson's disease, had for many years hosted NPF's annual Gala in Miami with his wife Kari. In lieu of flowers, the Clark family has requested that donations be made to the National Parkinson Foundation.

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Very kind of them. God Bless the Clark family.


I'm very grateful for all that Dick brought to my life, American Bandstand took me to the world outside of North Dakota. I am a Parkinson's patient and am thankful for your donations to PDF. God Bless you!


I never knew that about his father. Thank you Clark Family for your generous support for research.


Thank you for your son ,dick, who played such an important role in my life , and in in the lives of my friends. I'm 79 years young,and remember the days of the American bandstand as if it was yesterday! Thank you for your contribution To the Parkinson's. Movement. We are all so very grateful .


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