Hi everyone,

First i apologise if i have posted this in the wrong place, some people may know me from other sites for posting poems of how i feel and after receiving my confirmed diagnosis last year i have looked at various ways of trying to help myself and others and am a self confessed geek so love the idea of technology trying to help keep me on track. I had an idea a long time ago to start up a site called myHealthPal and did nothing about it as i always seemed to find something more important to busy myself with but finally i have started by putting up a Facebook page which can be found at

I have also been developing an accompanying website (not yet launched) together with apps for both iPhone / iPad and Android devices. Development is well underway and includes features such as Medication Planning, Live Chat, Discussion Areas, Reminders, Health Diary and Test are amongst others. This isn't just about people with Parkinson's its also about the people that live with it everyday, our friends, carers and even the medical staff. Its about sharing information, participating and providing data for research.

I have met with the wonderful team over at The Cure Parkinson's trust and had received some fantastic input from them and The Parkinson's Movement and will be meeting with the research team at Parkinson UK over the coming weeks and Glaxo Smith Kline at the end of this month to look at what can be incorporated into this incentive to help research but i would really welcome input from the people who live day to day with this and the people who know what they would like or need.

My commitment is to try provide this free to the community, there are several obstacles to overcome in order to do this but we are working hard to find some technological partners to ensure we can do this.

Feel free to drop by and see whats going on and let us know what you would like.



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  • Thnak you.

  • I'd like an app that I can input my meds, push a button at the time I take each, and a place to record the effects. Then print out a chronology to show my neuro.

    I don't always know what time it is, but my phone does!!

  • We have built in the ability to schedule your medication and you will be prompted to acknowledge you have taken your meds and can simply accept you have taken or enter a time you took them. These vents will be visible against a time line.

    There is also the ability to record how your are feeling at any given time for a particular topic, i.e. sleep etc however there is also a concept of a "Quick Feel Status" which you can use at any point but its intended use was prior to taking medication use it and then after 30 - 60 minutes or whatever period you are back in your 'ON' period to run it again.

    Every event including including scheduled medication, confirmation you have taken them, tests, surveys are recorded against a timeline which you can then export via email or share to help identify patterns and examine medication effectiveness.

    I can't add a picture to a reply here but i will post a picture of the screenshot on our Facebook page for you at

    All the best Mike

  • Hi Pat, i have posted a screen shot at for you. Would love to know if its what you are looking for?



  • I think so. Hard to tell. Where do you put what med? What kind of phone?

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