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Redecorating my Life

As many of you know, having PD can be a very depressing and demoralizing disease but it doesn't have to be. Because of the largess of an uncle, I have slowly been redecorating each room in my house, and hence I have been redecorating my life. I decided to take charge of my life and my treatment options and I love each room in my house now and each aspect of my life!! From my trip to Bali in July (see previous post) to the train trip to NYC in December, I go where I want and I do what I want. The limitations PD has placed on me are many but I do not let thme stop me. I just alter my path and take a different route to get where I want to go. Each of us, in our own little way, can redecoate their lives too. Please don't let the limitations placed on you by PD stop you from doing something you want to do. Just realize that you may have to "take a differnet route" to redecorating and keep on moving!!

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Good for you i agree.I am doing all I want,sometimes its difficult but I keep pushing.


That's right. Do all you can while you can and have fun!


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