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Ta ra for now

I used to have a saying "dont worry its only pd" and it worked really well. I just got on with my life, took my pills and didn't take it that seriously. If I had a problem I asked my neuro or googled it.

I didn't even think about it at all most days, I never felt the need to look for the latest breakthrough I didnt read up on it or feel the need to write about it.

This was mainly in the days when internet forums were in their infancy. Now dont get me wrong, you can get good advice, meet good friends and help each other through problems. Its better they exist than they don't.

But I find that all too soon I am eating, drinking breathing pd.

It's enough for me just to have it.

So I'm taking a totally unearned break from pd stuff as I dont want to spend the whole summer indoors (in England that's a 48 hour period that could occur anytime between May and August).

In the blogs and posts I've made I've said everything I know that works for me plus a bit extra.

Anyone who feels the need to message me can do through this site.

One thing I would be interested in would be the ocd / da issue as per dr dans blog.


So I am off to do some fishing and anything else I can find that makes me happy.

Hope you all find happiness too.

See you later


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Brilliant idea. Enjoy. Thanks for your company - by the way, did you know you have a great mind? You must have as I had the same idea (well similar) so I'm off for a cheap sun break end of next week. Angela


Exactly right. While I check in on this site fairly regularly, I don't want to be subsumed by it. It is why I have not joined any support groups, despite there being 2 or 3 close to my home. I like to spend my time with friends, whether they have Parkinson's or any other ailment, and enjoy discussing all kinds of things. That even includes, some times, discussing my condition because they have seen me at my best and worst.

I realise that others may be in a much worse situation than myself and having this site brings them information and consolation, as well as contact with others in the same situation. As such, the site is providing a very useful conduit for exchanging experiences and advice(suitably qualified). And I do appreciate the light-hearted approach, even the jokes (floppy!).

Meanwhile, I will try to get on with life as normally as possible, for as long as possible. It is all we can do.


Absolutely. Since I found this site i have regularly checked in looking for those little pearls off wisdom that surface every once in a while.I have never felt the need for "Support" groups - just not my kind of thing.Your thoughts,at times,have been exactly what i was thinking - thanks , for now.....

Good fishing and "tight lines"



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