No cure for Parkinson's

No cure for Parkinson's

So what? There's no cure for life. We all die from something. My attitude is I have Parkinson's, it doesn't have me. I live my life as best as I can given my limitations. I can walk some, hear see, drive and I concentrate on those things.I find humor, exercise and prayer help. This is my introduction. I no longer play drums professionally but I play drums. I can no longer drive for long trips but I drive to the beach. IOW, I focus on what I can do and not what I can't do. Yeah, I have Parkinson's. So what. It doesn't have me.

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  • One more thing. I make a great martini.......shaken, not stirred

  • Awesome...That is what I like to read...and you are not afraid to go out in public for fear of what people think.....

  • the best kind!



  • Thanks. I needed that.

  • wecome mahzelltoffee - i love the name

  • I've found that the way you "choose" to handle your problems makes all the difference.......well said mahzellltoffee!

  • Hi

    I think unr absolutely right

    Lol Jill


  • You are singing my song (98% of the time). Love the 'tude. Keep it coming.

  • Wonderful thanks

  • Compared o most PD people I'm just a kid so I have to feel the same way. It has made me much more spontaneous because when the weathers nice I get out and do something/anything! Soon it'll be the boat but have to do yardwork first!

  • Right on!!!!My sentiments as well. Check out my blog: "I may have PD.....etc.



  • Keep going !! Don't let "it" grind you down...............I'm running my 12th Marathon in 5 weeks - dxd 2005 at the age of 40 - I will NOT give up !!


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