Spaghetti test

Forget about buttons. Who cares if your handwriting is smaller? What’s really important in life is eating – and few things are more satisfying than a big plate of spaghetti. Trouble is, PD comes along and pretty soon you can’t twist your fork to gather up the noodles very well – am I right? Well the good news is that medication (Mirapex) has helped me get back around 90 percent of my spaghetti-twisting capability. How about you?

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  • I have some problems cutting up a pork chop. So far I can handle the far :(

  • I like to use scissors ( at home) cuts into pieces that work real well on a spoon. really easy to eat, and more in my mouth than on my shirt.Even before the pd!

  • I couldn't deal with it even before Parky came along. Switch to penne, fusili etc and use a spoon.

  • that is so true - i cant twiddle anymore either so my fred just cuts it up and says - ' would you like a spoon ?' or we have fusili ...


  • Please watch for ANY signs of compulsion as a side effect of MIRAPEX. My husband gambled excessively and lost thousands until he was diagnosed by a psychologist who dealt with gambling disorders. We almost divorced over the chaos created by MIRAPEX after 40 years of marriage. Hope you are not in the small percentage that exhibits this trait!

  • Yes, jernor, it's good to be amply warned about Mirapex and compulsive behavior. But so far, I have been spared.

  • We frequent a few restaurants and the owners/staff knnnow that I need assistance. At one restaurant, the owner/chef knows I need my food cut smaller and she does it gladly. Another, with noodles, brings a knife to the table and my husband cuts it for me. The spoon is already there. All I do now is ask them to do it in the kitchen and they are usually glad to.

  • Mirapex caused my legs to swell (water retention). Doc switched me to Sinemet and problem solved.

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