How old are you?

Having just had another birthday, this poem about age caught my attention and I thought I would share it.....

Age is a quality of the mind.

If you have left your dreams behind,

If hope is cold,

If you no longer look ahead,

If your ambitions' fires are dead~

Then you are old.

But if from life you take the best,

And if in life you keep the jest,

If love you hold;

No matter how the years go by,

No matter how the birthdays fly~

You are not old.


7 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing. Something to always remember.

  • Lovely thankyou

  • I feel quite young again thank God

  • Hi I hace never felt my age am

    Nd am now 66 (clixkety six alll the 6's)

  • Thanks for that. My clock started ticking backwards when I hit 60. I'm now 57.

  • great thought and poem to inspire us all - thanks

    i keep all the wonderful poems in a special folder

  • Thanks Kat00. I know which stanza I want to focus on - 2. Cheers

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